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Basysprint, a subsidiary of punch International Group, has launched the fifth generation of large format and large format UV setter traditional plate CTP plate making system. The biggest feature of the new product is that the imaging speed far exceeds the previous models. The key to this progress lies in DSI technology, that is, digital screen IMA, which provides neutral and balanced turning characteristics, minimum shaking and low noise, vibration and irregularity. The further optimized DSI technology, combined with a more stable imaging system, makes the new generation of products more reliable. Like previous generations of products, the new UV setter also uses traditional plates, but the light source used in the new product is the technology of combining the purple laser diode generator with the traditional basysprint exposure head. That is, outside the traditional exposure head, some purple laser generators are added. A light energy compensation system collects the energy of purple laser and transmits it to DMD through optical filter. Therefore, the new system greatly improves the exposure speed

the new generation of UV setter includes three models: type 11, type 15 and type 16, and its maximum exposure area is 1375 respectively × 2050mm、l535 × 2100mm and L535 × 3170mm。 The new products are available in manual and semi-automatic modes. It also helps to increase the packaging density of electronic products. They can be compatible with all workflow systems on the market. (Cheng Chu)

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