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That year, he was still serious Xue, which moved the whole winter. Now, he has become a comedian who eats hot pot and sings songs. A few days ago, a netizen exposed a photo of Jacky Xue. Of course

that year, he was still serious “ Xue ”, Moved the whole winter. Now, he has become a comedian who eats hot pot and sings songs. A few days ago, a netizen exposed a photo of Jacky Xue. Of course, this itself is not good-looking. The point is that the place where the film was taken is in the toilet! Why in the bathroom? Don't think about these first, just want to say to the decorated friends that the bathroom at home must be well installed, and maybe it will be on camera one day. Then, how to install it

before doing all the work on the ground, it is crucial to make it waterproof. After the tiles are paved, ensure that the tile surface has a drainage slope (generally about 1%), and the direction of the slope should face the floor drain; After the tiles are paved, the closed water test should be done, and the time is generally not less than 24 hours; Pay attention to the joint and alignment with the wall tiles when laying the floor tiles, so as to ensure the overall feeling of the whole bathroom, so as to avoid creating a messy impression visually

for the bathroom, it is not enough to waterproof the bare ground. The tiles on the wall should also be moisture-proof and waterproof, and ensure that the tiles are flat when pasted. At the same time, they should be jointed and aligned with the floor tiles to ensure the integrity of the wall and the ground. If it touches the outlet of the water supply pipe, the cut of the ceramic tile should be small and appropriate, so that the flange cover on the water feeder can cover the cut and make the appearance look more perfect. First of all, the wire joints in the bathroom must be hung with tin, and then wrapped with waterproof tape and insulating tape to ensure safety. The wire body must be covered with flame-retardant tubes; All switches and sockets must have moisture-proof boxes, and the location also depends on the size and location of the electrical appliance, so as to ensure convenient and reasonable use. It is suggested that the water supply and drainage lines of the waterway toilet should not be changed too much. If it has to be changed, it must be determined according to the situation. For example, the model of the washing machine and the location of the water supply and drainage will be different

if doors and windows are available, it is best to ensure that there is a window in the bathroom, so that the ventilation will be better. If there is no window, you must work hard on the door. In order not to let the water in the bathroom flow outside, the door boundary should be slightly higher than the inside of the bathroom. If it is a sliding door, a layer of waterproof must be made between the sliding door and the bathroom tile. Remember to leave a larger gap between the bathroom door and the ground for easy air return. For sanitary ware, the distance between water holes can be recorded before decoration. Then choose bathtub, bathroom, toilet, wash basin and other sanitary ware according to the size, so as to avoid the size mismatch during installation. The installation of the toilet should be sealed with toilet mud first, and then fixed with expansion screws or glass glue, so that it is easy to repair when the toilet is blocked. Green plants put a pot of green plants in the bathroom, which can not only add some color, but also purify the air. When decorating, you can choose some shade resistant and wet loving green plants to put in the bathroom, and the clean bathroom is immediately full of green




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