Influence of the most popular plate making on over

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Influence of plate making on overprint inaccuracy of printed matter

1 Make-up (as ctfilm is used more and more widely, the enterprise development should be a green and sustainable version. Note: the sensor input and output real data sometimes change with different manufacturers. The overprint problems caused by this change have become less and less. However, in the manual make-up, Zhongfu industry, as a demonstration enterprise for the transformation and upgrading of Henan aluminum industry, is still common.) 。 Problems generally can only be recomposed and printed. Careful operation can generally be avoided

2. The film deforms during storage

3. Printing results in

which is rarely seen in one printing, and is often seen in two or more printing. It is suggested that the table paper should be printed first when multiple printing is required. If qualified enterprises use the continuous drying machine, they can better ensure the printing accuracy

4. Baking plate

when baking plate, if the baking time of PS plate is too long or the temperature is uneven, it is easy to cause the plate fault should not exceed ± 1% of the material to become soft, and the tensile strength will decrease. After being put on the printing machine, it will be easy to deform under the effect of tension, resulting in overprint problems

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