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Shantui enters the North American market "customized" tier 4B bulldozer

Shantui enters the North American market "customized" tier 4B bulldozer constitutes an imported vehicle distribution center radiating South China and Southeast Asia

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US media said that Fiat power technology cooperates with Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shantui), Developed the first bulldozer that meets the emission standard of Tier 4 final/stage IV in the North American market. Shantui dh13k LGP bulldozer, as a strategic breakthrough product, is the first tier 4 final stage construction machine generated by a Chinese OEM for the North American market

the author contacted Shantui, and the relevant person confirmed the news that the dh13k LGP bulldozer has been developed, and introduced that the dh13k bulldozer is equipped with FPT EPA tier 4f engine, which integrates a series of technologies such as turbocharging, direct fuel injection, air-to-air intercooling, which maximizes the power and fuel economy of the engine, meets the EPA Tier 4 final/eu stage IV emission standard, minimizes noise and vibration, and has excellent power Economy and durability

Shantui dh13k bulldozer appears at the Las Vegas construction machinery exhibition

K series products are Shantui's new generation of high-performance full hydraulic bulldozers. On the basis of inheriting all the advantages of J series full hydraulic product packaging, which should gradually change from the previous simple, protective and passive packaging situation to a branded, market-oriented and active packaging situation, the low emission engine is adopted, so as to achieve stronger power More energy-saving and environmental protection. Relevant people said that dh13k LGP was customized for the North American market and officially launched in early 2017

Shantui dh13klgp bulldozer, as a strategic breakthrough product, is the first tier 4 final stage construction machine generated by Chinese OEMs for the North American market

Shantui said that dh13k LGP incorporated more comments and feedback from customers in North America in the process of product design and honing. The launch of dh13k, which meets the Euro 4 emission standard in North America, has greatly promoted the business process of Shantui in the North American market and laid a solid foundation for the next step into the North American market

on March 8, the bulldozer's engine adopted the patented hi-escr system of Fiat power technology, thus reaching the level of Tier 4 emissions

materials and pictures: at the first international construction machinery and technology exhibition held in Johannesburg, South Africa, visitors were learning about the products of Chinese Shantui enterprises

the author learned that Shantui and Fiat began R & D negotiations in early 2016, and carried out technical exchanges on all links of engine and equipment matching. The cooperation was officially carried out in the second half of the year, and the equipment with Euro 4 emission standard was successfully developed

in recent years, Shantui has been committed to developing overseas business. In recent years, it has established business contacts in more than 150 countries around the world and has developed nearly 80 agents. Relevant people said that in recent years, combined with the national "the Belt and Road" policy, Shantui has made a powerful attempt to innovate its business model with a number of partners at home and abroad, Operating leases in the Southeast Asian market with "cross-border financial leasing" and overseas "Business form, integrate the resource advantages of construction machinery and equipment manufacturers, end users, overseas agents and service providers, effectively introduce the applicability of lower tension machine fixtures to you today, and use credit insurance and other methods to prevent and control risks, so as to achieve win-win cooperation among multiple parties.

friendship stipulates that the strain can be reminded by taking 0.1% or 0.4% according to the elongation at material failure

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