Fuji digital printer will be launched soon

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Fuji digital printer will be launched soon

Fuji Photo Co., Ltd. recently announced that a new digital photo printer named PRINTPIX digital photo printer CX-400 will be launched from June 8

Fuji's new printer CX-400 adopts Fuji's unique "PRINTPIX" method, which can realize the effect of developing and printing photos, and can be stored for a long time. In addition, it can realize endless printing with the special scroll paper of various sizes produced by Fuji company

with the rapid expansion of the digital camera market, the demand for digital photos in printing is also growing rapidly. The "PRINTPIX" method developed by Fuji company integrates silver salt imaging technology and thermal recording technology, and combines light and heat technology to achieve (1) a leap forward improvement in turning on the main switch of the hydraulic universal material testing machine. This technology is different from inkjet printing technology. It uses special paper to produce color, so there is no need to add ink

"PRINTPIX CX-400" is equipped with a color LCD screen. Even if it is not connected to a computer or TV, it can print while confirming the image. This feature is especially suitable for digital camera users who want to print clear photos at home, and it must also be very suitable for users who take photos in the field

it is worth mentioning that the "PRINTPIX CX-400" launched this time uses a newly developed special reel. I personally believe that the technical indicators and requirements of the verification regulation of the "extensometer" are more realistic and correct. Some paper has superior color reproducibility. It can achieve clear color printing, and its printing effect can be comparable to that of the developed photos. Moreover, the color preservation of the new special paper has also been qualitatively improved, making the photos printed by users last longer

after using the newly developed special web photographic paper, the printer can print L-size (89 × 127mm), card size (55 × 89mm), DC size (89 × 120mm), hi vision size (89 × 158mm)

in addition, "PRINTPIX CX-400" supports a variety of memory cards, and its host has an SM card slot and a PC card slot. When the user uses the SM card, it can be directly inserted into the slot and printed directly; When using micro drive, CF card, memory stick, SD card and other memory cards, you can print through PC card adapter

one of the characteristics of this printer is that it can print digital photos in various memory cards without a computer. It has a USB interface, which can not only connect with a computer for printing, but also connect with a memory card reader with a USB interface to print digital photos in the memory card

of course, this printer also supports EXIF print standard impact experiment; Free fall test, etc., can print better photos more simply according to this rule. At the same time, it also supports DPOF, which can be printed according to the DPOF information specified by the digital camera. Its paper feeding mode is automatic paper feeding

in terms of printing function, "PRINTPIX CX-400" has a variety of printing changes. It can print 2, 4, 9, or 25 photos on a piece of paper, and it can also print index photos

with the video cable, this printer can be connected to the TV and displayed in a large picture on the TV, and you can experience the fun of slide show at the same time

the maximum print pixel of "PRINTPIX CX-400" is 1086 × 1928; The resolution is 12.2dot/mm (310dpi); The printing color scale is 256 levels of YMC colors; The minimum printing time is about 88 seconds/sheet (L size); Supported operating systems include windows98/98se/me/xp, Mac OS 8.6 ~ 9.2; The supported file formats are DCF, EXIF ver 1.0 ~ 2.2 (JPEG standard or TIFF standard), BMP (uncompressed 24 bit full color), tiff (uncompressed, RGB, YCrCb), DPOF (Ver1.0), avi, wav; Take 1 cubic meter cube box as an example, video output is NTSC system

the appearance size of "PRINTPIX CX-400" is 250 (width) mm × 176 (height) mm × 330 (deep) mm; It weighs about 5kg. Its retail price is 49800 yen; The retail price of Fujifilm PRINTPIX digital photo paper rl-sd40 (equivalent to 40 L-size photos) is 1700 yen

this special printer for digital photos is entirely for users to print digital photos at home. In printing photos, it has incomparable advantages over ordinary inkjet printers. However, because it cannot be used in a wide range of fields like general inkjet printers, its sales volume and market influence may be relatively limited

for photographers and photography enthusiasts, PRINTPIX CX-400 is also a good choice for printing digital photo samples

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