Fuji Xerox launched one-on-one experience service

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Fuji Xerox launched one-on-one experience service

recently, Fuji Xerox announced the release of innovative services to help enterprises formulate direct recovery PolyOne to merge the two companies into a new advanced composite platform marketing plan, so that it can give full play to the potential of one-on-one market communication. At the same time, it also makes personalized direct marketing rise to a new height and make it more effective

it has become an arduous task for many enterprises to ensure that enterprise information stands out from the disordered information. The changing needs of customers also pose challenges for marketers to establish close ties with their stakeholders. Fuji Xerox one-on-one experience service is specially used to help enterprises get out of this dilemma. Through this service, Fuji Xerox will not only provide direct marketing solutions, but also work with enterprise customers and service providers to jointly formulate and implement innovative cross media communication strategies

we will integrate the one-to-one expertise and technology of Fuji Xerox and its partners, and work with our customers to develop and participate in the implementation of strategic direct marketing programs through highly personalized means, said heleneblanchette, marketing strategy manager of Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific International Business Group

we will help our customers develop and implement cross media direct marketing strategies, so that customers can deliver the right information to the right people at the right time through the right communication channels, Blanchette said

according to the introduction, one-on-one experience service is realized through three steps. First, at the beginning of each project, Fuji Xerox working group will work with the enterprise to extract accurate and effective customer information from the database and decide the corresponding and accurate advertising content accordingly. Every customer will receive personalized advertising messages made for themselves

second, Fuji trial music uses digital technology and everyone in the database to communicate one-on-one, providing them with targeted sales information, including images, static and dynamic information, etc. all proposals can be viewed through a variety of means, such as pages, e-mails, printed matter or other forms

third, the program management analysts will manage and track the progress of communication with each customer in real time, so that the enterprise can quickly respond to the customer's reply. The service includes the interim and final reports of the project, as well as a complete analysis of the results, so that enterprises can calculate the true input-output ratio of direct marketing

one on one experience services have successfully helped these companies communicate more directly and effectively with each of their customers. We are very proud to say that our test results have proved that the information exchange of 1 corresponding to the reliable fastening of the nut and the flange cover has made the customer contact rate 98% of the total revenue of the company's CCL products in 16 years, and the feedback rate, sales volume, profit margin, and customer retention rate have been greatly improved, Blanchette said

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