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Fuji Xerox all-in-one machine helped the Ministry of Commerce lead the new trend of government document printing. During the China Africa Forum, the document printing center of the Ministry of commerce undertook a large number of leaders' visiting manuals, which were widely used. In large steel enterprises, because there were only black-and-white digital equipment and offset printing machines at that time, the photos of leaders in the visiting manuals could only be black-and-white output, and the pictures were very unclear. The document printing center of the Ministry of commerce also realized the importance of color documents, Therefore, it is considered to purchase color equipment to fill the shortage of only black-and-white equipment in the current document printing center. After investigating and testing the products and services of several printing equipment suppliers, the Ministry of commerce finally adopted Fuji Xerox color digital multifunction machine docucentrec7550i

after this equipment was settled in the document printing center of the Ministry of Commerce, the document printing center actively innovated and developed a variety of color applications, such as outputting the map of the leader's visiting country, printing the leader's visiting address book and exquisite visiting manual. When visiting abroad, the leaders of ministries and commissions usually need to take out the sample map immediately after the field experiment in the visiting country. With the help of D, the Ministry of environmental protection and the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, which can be selected into ocucentrec7550i, issued the spelling function of gb/t 27630 (2) 011 "guidelines for the evaluation of air quality in passenger cars" in 2011. The text printing center outputs large-scale maps on multiple sheets of paper according to different needs each time, Then put together the whole map

this equipment is easy to operate, fast, and the color output quality is very close to the printing effect. Coupled with its convenient and exquisite binding, now we can print all kinds of color documents and pamphlets at any time. While we can quickly respond to the requirements of leaders, the work intensity of the document printing center is also decreasing. Jiang Xu, director of the cultural and printing center, said. Due to the excellent color output quality, exquisite booklet binding, folding and other convenient functions, the irregular monthly business new books of the Ministry of Commerce have gradually been printed with docucentrec7550i, which makes the Ministry very satisfied with both the printing effect and efficiency. In particular, director Jiang feels convenient that one copy can be printed at the beginning of printing, that is, it can be changed and printed at the same time. The production work that originally required multiple processes is now completed in one step

this high-speed color digital multifunction all-in-one machine selected after repeated inspection and comparison by the document printing center of the Ministry of commerce not only meets the document printing needs of the Ministry of Commerce in terms of quality, but also the professional regular maintenance and other services provided by Fuji Xerox have been recognized by the relevant leaders of the Ministry. Nowadays, the printing center of the Ministry of commerce is not only at the forefront of the application of color documents, but also making active efforts to promote color office. Jiang, director of the cultural printing center, said that the popularity of color documents will undoubtedly help to enhance the image of the government in the world and the public. Now Brother units often come here to visit and study, saying that we are at the forefront of the government color office

after China's accession to the WTO, government departments have gradually integrated with the world. With the increase of exchanges, the popularization of color documents by government departments is more conducive to improving the image of government public relations. The Ministry of commerce took the lead in changing the traditional document style and printing mode with the help of advanced equipment and application innovation, and transforming to the direction of color, digitization and personalization. This forward-looking measure will surely provide reference for the development of more government and enterprise printing centers

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