Fuji Xerox launched a new low-speed digital multi-

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Fuji Xerox launched a new low-speed digital multi-function all-in-one machine

Fuji Xerox held a new conference of Chinese customized and wonderful digital multi-function all-in-one machine in Beijing, and officially launched an A3 format series of digital multi-function all-in-one machines tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises in China, including DocuCentre s1810cps/2010cps/1810cpsnw/2010cpsnw and other two series of four products. Fuji Xerox hopes to use these four products to strive to enter the first camp of the Chinese market in the A3 format all-in-one machine market by the end of 2013

previously, manufacturers of all-in-one digital multi-function machines have always emphasized the improvement of their product printing speed, as if speed has become an indicator that must be advertised every time new products are launched. This time, Fuji Xerox went the other way and has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. Instead of pursuing to improve the printing speed, it took the initiative to reduce the speed. Among the four new products launched by Fuji Xerox so far, the A3 format black-and-white all-in-one machine is the slowest. Therefore, Fuji Xerox defines this series of products as entry-level products. However, although the speed is slow, the indicators and functions of these four new products launched by Fuji Xerox are very comprehensive. The new series of products have the characteristics of one click ID card copying, N-in-One copying and electronic software operation: paging, ink saving mode, power saving and other functions, some of which are only available for high-end products in the current market. It is particularly worth mentioning that these four products are specially launched by Fuji Xerox for the Chinese market. It is reported that when the product was approved, Fuji Xerox established a special product research and development team. Among the team of more than 100 people, more than 40 are Chinese employees working in the headquarters of Fuji Xerox in Japan. Fuji Xerox's move is to make its products more in line with the operating habits of Chinese people. Not only that, Fuji Xerox also made special visits to seven cities in China to conduct in-depth research on dealers and users

in order to adapt the products to the use environment in China, Fuji Xerox also specially collected all kinds of paper commonly used by small and medium-sized enterprises from the Chinese market. If the electrical devices do not add frequency converters, the paper jam problem of the equipment has been solved to the greatest extent; In order to adapt to the hot and humid weather in southern China, Fuji Xerox has also adjusted the design of its products. The printed matter is more flat and will not produce wrinkles and wavy deformation

the two series of products launched this time, DocuCentre s1810cps/2010cps is the basic model, and DocuCentre s1810cpsnw/s2010cpsnw is the upgraded version that can realize network printing. Customers can also purchase the basic model first, and then upgrade it according to their own usage. Fuji Xerox stressed that the pricing of the new series of products is very competitive

at the press conference, Chen Yijin, vice president of Fuji Xerox (China) Co., Ltd., said: we hope to use the technical strength of Fuji Xerox to develop products that truly meet the diversified needs of small and medium-sized enterprises from the perspective of customer needs, so that more users can feel the wonderful printing of Fuji Xerox

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