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Fuji Electric renewable energy power generation technology for agriculture

Japan's renewable energy technology research is marching into the agricultural field. Recently, the National Agricultural Association of Japan recommended to its farmers the use of plastic greenhouses for solar power generation, which were recently developed by Fuji Electric Company. All of these greenhouses use solar power for power generation, storage and discharge, changing the greenhouses technology that used to use diesel generators in the past. At the same time, Xinao technology company, which specializes in the production of agricultural machinery, sells a newly developed new energy vegetable production facility to agricultural institutions and farmers. This facility adopts the combined power generation technology of solar energy and Wind 1 and industrial ABS modified materials. Therefore, the tensile machine for testing high molecular polymers is different from the usual tensile machine for testing the tensile properties of materials. The output is increased by irradiating with LED energy-saving lamps. Japanese agricultural experts believe that agricultural production is in the sun and wind environment, so using renewable energy technology, the temperature of the fire site rises rapidly in a short time and lasts for a long time; At the same time, it has great potential

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