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Fuji Xerox announced that it would exhibit green digital printing technology at the all print exhibition. Fuji Xerox, the world's leading document management expert, announced that it would participate in the fourth China International all print exhibition. This is Fuji Xerox's fourth consecutive participation in the all print exhibition. As a leader in the field of digital printing, Fuji Xerox has always been committed to promoting the vigorous development of China's digital printing industry, featuring the industry's richest product line, and aiming to meet the business development needs of customers in different periods

the fourth China International all printing exhibition will closely follow the times and industrial development, open up multiple special areas, take the printing vitality of the information age as the slogan, highlight the importance of innovation, upgrading, integration and development in the printing industry in the context of the overall acceleration of information dissemination and the development of the green printing industry, and comprehensively display the development achievements and development trends of printing technology in recent years. For a long time, Fuji Xerox has also been committed to the research, development and application of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies. It not only promotes the development of green printing in China with the slogan of printing green, but also continuously injects new vitality and impetus into the progress of China's digital printing 52 concrete pavement brick industry with its leading technology

Fuji Xerox will display a number of industry-leading digital color and black-and-white printing systems at this exhibition, including the professional color digital multifunction printer docucolor 1450 GA. this product redefines the new standard of color digital proofing and color management, and will lead the new era of green printing. At the same time, color1000 press, which has 174 technical patents and is popular with the fifth color transparent spot color output, 700digital color press, the entry-level color digital printing system, color 550/560, the light production color digital printing system, and nuvera 288, the world's fastest digital two-sided production system, are also on display

at this all print exhibition, Fuji Xerox will also participate in the exhibition together with Fujifilm (China) Co., Ltd. to comprehensively demonstrate the integration of Fuji Xerox's advanced digital printing system with Fujifilm CTP workflow and color management process. The government will take the lead in planning to build a unified Anyang trade market, fully demonstrating the perfect integration of traditional printing and digital printing

about Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox is a joint venture with 75% and 25% shares of Fuji Film Co., Ltd. of Japan and Xerox of the United States respectively. Fuji Xerox develops, produces and sells world-class office and printing equipment/systems, black-and-white and color digital multifunction machines, document management software and solutions and services in Japan and the Asia Pacific region. At the same time, Fuji Xerox also produces digital copiers, all-in-one machines and printers in the global market

Fuji Xerox's focus on research and development has enabled it to make breakthroughs, obtain a large number of patents, and become a global technology leader. With its advanced technology, equipment and services, Fuji Xerox provides customers with higher value and promotes the improvement of its productivity and work efficiency

Fuji Xerox was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1964, and now has more than 40000 employees worldwide. Lo said that it has more than 70 branches and sales subsidiaries in Japan and overseas

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