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Electrical equipment: the boom of electric vehicles has rebounded. Three shares are recommended

cars: on February 28, Tesla launched a basic version of mod with a manufacturing process of 35000 US dollars. The manufacturing process is simple el3, equivalent to about 234000 yuan. Consumers can try it before purchase, and return within seven days or 1000 miles will provide a full refund, demonstrating Tesla's strong confidence in the product. Domestically, on March 1, Tesla's full range of models in the Chinese market also ushered in a comprehensive reduction, reducing the price under the benefits of the system by 2% to 29%, and the basic Model3 by 26000 yuan to 407000 yuan; While some domestic auto companies began to raise prices slightly to alleviate the price pressure caused by the declining subsidies, and the cost performance of domestic new energy vehicles will decline

in the process of Tesla, the global benchmark enterprise of new energy vehicles, reducing its selling price and occupying market share, as well as China's auto enterprises facing a significant decline in subsidies and rising prices, we are optimistic about the globalization layout of the midstream link: battery and material enterprises that are deeply bound to popular models will gain growth capabilities higher than the industry average, and we prefer leading enterprises with a clear pattern, industrial globalization and high nickel batteries. It is recommended to pay attention to (), putilai () Ningde era

photovoltaic: on February 26, Tongwei solar reduced the quotation of cells in March. The single crystal perc, especially after too long operation, was reduced from 1.29~1.3 yuan/watt to 1.26~1.27 yuan/watt, a decrease of about 2.3%, and the price of polycrystalline cells continued to maintain the level of 0.91~0.96 yuan/watt. At present, the high-efficiency single crystal battery link is a relatively high part of the industrial chain. Since September last year, the price of single crystal perc batteries has been on the rise, rising 20% from 1.08 yuan/w to 1.3 yuan/w. With the demand slowing down after the end of the peak season in the first quarter overseas, and the capacity of perc battery link has continued to increase since the fourth quarter of 18 years, the price of single crystal perc batteries began to fall this week; The price of 98.07 polycrystalline battery has increased slightly since September last year, mainly supported by overseas demand, but it is expected that the end of the overseas peak season will also usher in a downward price. The decline of battery prices in the future will help China's photovoltaic industry achieve large-scale parity and open up parity market space. In 2018, the domestic installed capacity was 44gw. With the incremental space opened by the parity project, domestic demand is expected to continue to increase; The outbreak of overseas demand is an important channel for domestic capacity digestion. While China's traditional off-season in the first quarter, full overseas demand brings full production to leading enterprises, and the industry's off-season is not light. The continuity of this trend is worth looking forward to. Therefore, leading enterprises and valuations will prove each other, reflecting the continuous improvement of stock prices. Continue to recommend single crystal faucet ()

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