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Introduction to the testing device for the connecting force of the needle base of the injection needle

the syringe enables BASF to provide part design, material research and development and processing services to 201 clinically, which is also essential to the success of our new design. At the end of the year, the dosage is large and wide, and its quality is directly related to human health and life safety. Whether the connecting force of the needle base of the syringe needle is appropriate or not directly affects its use adaptability, which is one of the indicators that all manufacturers focus on; Therefore, the national standards YBB and gb15811 clearly stipulate the connecting force of the needle base of the injection needle tube

labthink Blue's med-01x pharmaceutical packaging performance tester is professionally applied to the test of the connection force of the needle base of the syringe needle, which can accurately measure whether the connection firmness of the needle base of the syringe needle conforms to the standard; The test principle is to install the injection needle on the driving mechanism connected with the measuring device, and then carry out the pull test of the injection needle at a speed of 100 5mm/min under a tension of not less than 22 Newton (the tension is 22 ~ 69 Newton from small to large according to the needle specification of 0.3 ~ 1.2mm). The stainless steel injection needle and the needle base of the needle tube shall not be loose or separated

med-01x pharmaceutical packaging performance tester adopts embedded computer system platform, with high testing accuracy and convenient operation; During the test, the system will display the force value, curve and other test information in real time; It also supports test related information monitoring, laboratory integrated data management and cloud computing. The system is embedded with electronic help documents, and the user-friendly guidance method is used to comprehensively clarify the use of smart devices, which is extremely convenient for operation and debugging; At the same time, database technology is used to save the customer's test results, and the test curve is displayed from all directions and angles, so that the data and chart display are more detailed and intuitive; In addition, med-01x pharmaceutical packaging performance tester also has the function of user multi-level authority management, which can effectively control the control degree of different users on the testing instrument through different levels, and effectively prevent unauthorized use, illegal use and other phenomena; Moreover, the equipment also adopts special storage devices to record the specific use of the equipment in detail, including the voltage, current and energy consumption during the test process, which are intuitively displayed to users in the form of curves, providing sufficient technical basis for the tracking system of detection work under different needs; At the same time, it also supports bilingual Chinese and English, which is convenient for Chinese users and English users

med-01x pharmaceutical packaging performance tester, in addition to the connection of syringe needle, needle tube and needle base, which requires that its framework material must have a certain rigid force, it can also be applied to the puncture force of rubber plug, the breaking force of ampoule bottle, the pressurized emptying of plastic blood bag and other aspects. The solution is to check whether the communication line between the computer and the experimental machine falls off; Check whether the online selection sensor is selected correctly; Check whether the sensor has been hit during the recent experiment or keyboard operation; Check whether the calibration or calibration function of the software is used before the problem occurs; Check whether the calibration value, calibration value or other information in the hardware parameters have been manually changed. For more details, please call Jinan Languang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd

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