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Introduction of JMJ type double drum motor winch

jmj type double drum motor winch is suitable for retracting and releasing in mountainous areas and plains, towing optical cable conductors and erecting towers. It adopts double hub design, does not damage anti twist steel wire rope, and has fast traction speed. The motorized winch is light, and the guide rail is the most important combination. It can be disassembled for handling. It is the most ideal traction equipment for line construction in mountainous areas at present

the double drum motor winch adopts aluminum alloy gearbox and double drum design, which is light and reliable. The integral drum and angle iron welded base Zui can reach 9999 hours, which is not easy to be damaged. A variety of power equipment can be selected according to needs. The belt power transmission reduces the working impact of the machine. The double drum motorized winch is suitable for the traction and hoisting of mechanical equipment in field construction and the erection of poles and towers, traction and paying off, and cable laying in electric power and post and telecommunications lines. Features: JMJ type double drum motorized winch structure has little damage to steel wire rope

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