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Introduction to the technical achievements of polyether inkstone (PES) resin synthesis

Introduction to the technical achievements of 300 tons/year scale-up of polyether inkstone (PES) resin synthesis

content introduction: this achievement is to realize the scale-up of 300 tons/year on the basis of the 30 tons/year pilot test completed in the "Eighth Five Year Plan". The key technological breakthroughs of the new achievements lie in: a. the adoption of cold dispersion technology has greatly improved the high-temperature thermal stability of the resin; b. By changing the salt forming route, the molecular weight distribution of the resin is narrowed; c. By increasing the solid content, the cost can be greatly reduced

through the breakthrough of the above key technologies, the main technical indicators of the products produced by this technical achievement have reached the international advanced level (appraisal conclusion). In terms of economic indicators, all raw materials and production equipment used in this technology can be based in China, with low production costs. The domestic selling price of the product is 120 yuan/kg. Considering the preferential policy of export tax rebate, it can be quoted for export by 12 dollars/kg of waste products, which is only about half of the current price of 2500 yen/kg (about 22 dollars/kg) in the Japanese market, It has strong export competitiveness

the direct economic benefit of this achievement when it reaches production capacity can create an annual output value of 36million yuan and an annual profit and tax of 12million yuan. After a period of market development at home and abroad, when the industrialization of 1000 tons/year is realized (the fashionable and beautiful BASF motor vehicle solution of 200 also helps to reduce the vehicle weight by 0 tons/year), it is expected that the direct economic benefits will create an annual output value of 240 million yuan and an annual profit and tax of 80 million yuan

the social benefits of this achievement can not only break the long-term blockade of the West and meet the urgent needs of China's independent development of national defense and military industry, but also promote the upgrading of products in aviation, electronic information, petrochemical, medical and health, food and other related industries using this material. Its indirect economic benefits will be several times the direct economic benefits of resin production

as for the feasibility of its future promotion and application, there are two aspects as follows: first, the domestic market has focused on the upstream and downstream industrial chain of new materials and terminal products in Guangdong and Shenzhen. Manufacturers of household appliances, deep well oil extraction, electronic parts, mechanical parts and components in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Deyang, Shanghai and other places have been successfully applied and will continue to expand; The second is the international market. Since last year, the technology owner has held talks with relevant Japanese enterprises on export issues. After passing the sample performance evaluation, as shown in Figure 1, the other party is very interested in the quotation of the product and expresses its willingness to become the general sales agent of the product in the Japanese market. This shows that it is completely feasible to use the price advantage of domestic resin to achieve export and earn foreign exchange

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