Introduction of the most popular gravure printing

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Introduction to gravure printing control system

main performance of gravure printing control:

including all 8 common main characteristics

full digital encoder linear speed calculation, proportional linkage accuracy 0.5m/min

using 4 quadrant (4q) full digital pure vector servo spindle motor, fast tension response

displacement control adopts linear speed percentage method to correct in proportion, High stability

dynamic in-feed out feed displacement detection can be controlled within ± 3mm

when activated, infrared light will be reflected in different paths; The switch can be realized by changing the humidity or applying acetic acid vapor

fine tune the proportional value of in/out speed ± 0.01% according to the displacement compensation amount

directly adjust the PID stability setting of dance roll in the man-machine

display the current actual position of the displacement pickup wheel in the man-machine = ± 1 mm

the whole line tension can be controlled within 0.2kg

the tension set during acceleration and deceleration can remain stable, ± 0.5kg final deal within 1 General

the printing wheel length can be set corteva, indicating that the fixed range =400.00~2000.00mm

the actual production line speed display is 0.1m/min

the actual printing length can be set within the range =0.0~3200.0m

the host speed detection feedback control accuracy can reach ± 0 1m/min

provide 30 sets of arbitrarily settable printing wheel database

line speed acceleration and deceleration can be set by button/keyboard/fixed percentage

s curve acceleration and deceleration, the time can be set to 6.0~60.0 seconds

the maximum production line speed can be set to limit the upper limit of operation

provide low-speed constant speed version washing action function

provide acceleration/deceleration contact to the rear center for material receiving control

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