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Introduction of domestic and foreign automobile engine chain transmission products

in recent years, the research and development of automobile chain is developing towards the direction of small pitch, high speed, multiple varieties and high performance indicators. Chain transmission is more and more widely used in the timing transmission system of automobile engine. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Benz, BMW, Audi, VW and other international automobile companies all adopt chain transmission action as the timing transmission system and oil pump transmission system of their car engine. The characteristics of chain transmission, such as compact size, high reliability and high wear resistance, are not available in gear transmission and belt transmission, so it shows the broad application prospect of chain transmission. At present, the international manufacturers of automotive chain drive products are mainly German IWIS, British Renold, Japanese OCM and other companies, and the domestic enterprises are mainly Taiwan guimeng, Anhui Huangshan Zhongyou and so on

the oil pump chain of the timing chain system (timing chain, sprocket, tensioner) produced by Taiwan guimeng Chain Co., Ltd. adopts super hardening technology on the surface of the chain to improve the wear resistance by 40%; The unique silent chain makes the timing system close to noise free; Precise stamping technology makes the end face of the chain piece complete and smooth, which can greatly reduce the wear of the chain and other transmission parts and improve the service life of each transmission part; Isothermal quenching technology improves the strength and toughness of the chain at the same time; Ultra high cleanliness reduces accidental wear of engine parts. Among them, silent chain 2534 has a pitch of 8.0mm, and the average tensile load weight is 1300 respectively; Simple chain 25HP has a pitch of 6.35 and an average tensile load weight of 530

taihechang Brand American standard short pitch precision sleeve roller chain is designed and produced in accordance with ISO 606A, ANSI b29.1m and DIN 8188 standards. It is the most widely used transmission roller chain in the world. The chain pitch ranges from 4.7625 to 76.2 mm, and the number of rows ranges from single row to ten rows. Riveted and cotter pin types are available. The products are interchangeable with other brand chains produced according to the same standard. Separately supplied parts include connecting links, transition links, inner links and outer links. In addition to the commonly used sleeve roller chains, sleeve chains (without rollers) can also be provided for lifting or traction. The color of this series of chains can provide natural color shot peening (if there is no other requirement, the natural color shot peening chain is the standard supply method), bluish, black and yellow; The derivative types of this series of chains include seamless sleeve roller chains, stainless steel chains, Dacromet chains, nickel plated chains, galvanized chains and copper plated chains. Imported chains of designated brands can also be provided to meet customers' needs (1) turn off the oil pump Electromechanical. The iso04c 25-3 roller chain has a pitch of p6.35mm, a breaking load of 10.5KN, and a weight of about 0.41kg/m

the "shuaiqiao" products produced by Anhui Huangshan Zhongyou Chain Manufacturing Co., Ltd. mainly include a and B series of stainless steel and carbon steel standard roller chains, side chains, double pitch roller chains, hollow reinforced plastic waste source reuse pin chains and various special-shaped chains, and more than 300 kinds of carbon steel, stainless steel chain rollers (rollers), sleeves (buss) of various specifications. Products comply with ISO, ANSI, DIN, BS, JIS standards. Among them, 04c-1 short pitch precision roller chain has a pitch of 6.35mm, a roller diameter of 3.3mm, an average tensile load of 4.6kn for alloy steel, 2.5kn for stainless steel, and a net weight of 0.14kg/m per meter

the universal testing machine produced by British Renold company produces all kinds of roller chains, sleeve chains and toothed chains through conditioning at different speed levels, which meet the requirements of ISO and other international standards, among which ISO 04 roller chain has a pitch of 6mm, a minimum tensile strength of 3kn and a weight of 0.12kg/m; 05b-2 roller chain has a pitch of 8mm, a minimum tensile strength of 7.8kn and a weight of 0.33kg/m

the roller chain products launched by Dongbo chain company in South Korea have various sizes and models, with good meshing design with chain gears, low running friction, 98% high-efficiency drive design, compact chain design, silent operation with high-precision mechanical parts, and a service life of 4 to 5 years. The roller chain DS 25 single chain manufactured according to ISO 04C standard has a pitch of 6.35mm, a minimum tensile strength of 3531n and a maximum allowable load of 638n

the 05b-1 roller chain manufactured by German IWIS company according to ISO 606 and IWIS enterprise standards has a pitch of 8mm, a breaking load strength of 6000N and a weight of 0.18kg/m

the following table summarizes the technical indicators involved in the above article

enterprise name model pitch mm mass per meter kg/m tensile strength kn taihechang 06c-19.5250.357.90 Anhui Zhongyou 04c-16.350.144.6 Taiwan guimeng 25348.0/12.75 UK Renold 05b-28.00.33 ≥ 7.8 South Korea Dongbo 04c-26.35/≥ 7.063 Germany IWIS 05b-18.00.18

6.0 Japan OCM 06b-19.525 it is these advantages that make Tyvek material an industry benchmark for medical packaging since 1972/10.0


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3 Simple chain 25HP

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4 Transmission chains

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5 Standard roller chains

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