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Introduction to several waste paper pulping equipment

key words: waste paper pulping; Equipment; Double cone high concentration desander; Inclined screw thickener; Screw extruder; Thermal disperser; Flotation deinking unit

1 double cone high concentration slag remover

1.1 original function

is used to remove heavy impurities such as gravel, sand, glass, staples, metal sheets and so on in the slurry, so as to purify the slurry and protect the pressure screen

1.2 original working principle

this high concentration slag remover uses the centrifugal principle to separate the heavy impurities in the slurry. Under the pressure of 0.3 ~ 0.5MPa, the slurry enters the slag remover at a specific angle along the tangent direction. During the spiral rotation and descent along the inner wall, the heavy impurities in the slurry are thrown towards the inner wall under the action of centrifugal force and sink downward into the lower cone. In the area near the small end of the upper cone in the center of the slag remover, the clean slurry with spiral motion forms eddy current due to the interaction of rotational motion and balance water, It is more suitable to promote the movement of the slurry to form a lechal or an upward spiral column, which is discharged from the good slurry port in the center of the top of the slag remover. The heavy slag gradually decelerates in the lower cone tube and is further washed by the washing water, and the fiber returns upward to the pulp stream for recycling

slag remover has higher slag removal efficiency under low concentration and high pressure difference

Figure 1 double cone high concentration slag remover

1-ceramic double cone tube 2-sediment tank

Figure 2 inclined screw thickener

1-filter drum 2-screw to the rotary shaft of the 810S

Figure 3 screw extruder

1-screw shaft 2-filter drum 3-reverse pressure push plate

1.3 original pipeline layout

slag removal (1) valves and pressure gauges are configured on the inlet and outlet pipelines, and these pipelines should be adequately supported.Do not press on the equipment

slag removal (2) pressure gauges and valves are set in the balance water and elutriation water pipelines

slag removal (3) a slag pond is set at the lower part of the slag discharge opening

slag removal (4) if the slurry discharge pressure is required to be stable, a return pipe is set at the slurry discharge

1.4 original operation

slag removal (1) the slurry inlet pressure is generally not less than 0.35Mpa

slag removal (2) the pressure difference between slurry inlet and outlet shall be controlled within 0.17 ~ 0.2MPa

slag removal (3) the equilibrium water pressure is greater than the slurry inlet pressure by 0.04MPa

slag removal (4) slag removal mode: automatic and manual

2 helical thickener

2.1 original use

used for the concentration of waste pulp

2.2 original working principle

it is used for low concentration slurry to enter the filter drum from the bottom slurry inlet, which is transported upward under the push of the screw, but the price is very low. The single-purpose tensile testing machine with electromechanical as the power source is commonly known as electric tensile machine, which is widely used. Water flows out of the filter hole under the action of gravity, which can be divided into static load testing machine and dynamic load testing machine, and is discharged from the filtrate outlet; The concentrated slurry is discharged from the slurry outlet on the upper part of the equipment. A cleaning brush is installed at the back of the spiral blade, which rotates synchronously with the spiral to continuously brush the surface of the filter drum to ensure the smoothness of the filter hole

2.3 the original pipeline layout

is used for (1) setting a slurry level box in front of the slurry inlet of the equipment, and the overflow plate in the box can be adjusted to stabilize the slurry inlet pressure and adjust the liquid level

used for (2) the upper part of the slurry inlet cone is equipped with a cleaning water pipe and a valve

it is used for (3) setting a discharge hopper at the discharge port, and the inclination of the hopper chute should be greater than 60 °, so as to ensure the smooth sliding of the slurry

used for (4) connecting the sealing water pipe and valve at the lower sealing packing

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