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Introduction of easy replaceable faucets and valves

an easy replaceable faucet and valve is mainly to solve the disadvantages of inconvenient, time-consuming and laborious replacement of ordinary faucets and valves at present. The part between the easily replaceable faucet, valve and its screw port is made into a bayonet structure that is easy to disassemble. The staff should timely replace the bayonet structure of oil unloading and installation with high quality. With this bayonet, when replacing the faucet or valve, "I believe that after 5 (1) 0 years of development, the innovation and development of material technology has become an important way to promote the lightweight technology revolution of the whole vehicle. It is no longer so troublesome. You should turn the driven pointer back to the zero position, and you don't even need a wrench. You can even replace it without closing the main valve. Thus, replacing the faucet or valve becomes a convenient and easy thing

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