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Introduction to various group edition systems

dk&a placement group edition system

only supports Adobe quarxpress and adobe PageMaker files on this computer. Inposition only runs on MAC and can handle many common image formats, such as EPS, tiff, PDF and pict. Dk&a points out that users do not need to generate intermediate PS files, so the version assembly process and file preview are more convenient and effective

the basic components of placement include plate styles, publication styles and publications plate styles, which can be saved as templates, allowing users to specify the number of pages per page, layout size and direction, and specify margins and staples. The composition order and the scaling of placement and printing identification can be selected from a series of standard signs or user created signs, or can be directly set by the producer. Moreover, the definition of multiple Book stickers can be created for each version

publication styles refers to the characteristics of special movable parts, including binding form, bleeding volume, paper thickness and predefined Book stickers. Inposition automatically compensates for creep. Publication styles can be stored and reused in the form of templates. Publications allows users to connect multiple files and application pages into a single publication for cross viewing, edition composition and. Because inposition is based on dk&a's tempos integrated prepress technology, Support for new tools and native files can be based on the user's "Plastic bag recycling is a worldwide difficulty that needs to be changed or inserted. Moreover, users can choose to use dk&a trapper to solve the trapping problem.

heidelberg drepress signastatation group edition system

signastatation 5.0 is specially used under the WinNT system. It adds many functions, such as PDF file group edition, large-scale support, cff2 format support, and PDF live parts label support. When used in Heidelberg delta workflow, signastation creates It includes management data (live part name, color separation number, sheet name, etc.), cutting information, ink area position controller and other information. Then, the created CIP3 file is sent to delta rip for CIP3 task processing. There, the ink area setting controller is replaced by the actual ink area setting of the printer. Another unique function is that the user can print and set up after printing in the group stage, and the user can also output the samples to the laser printer in sequence

imation presswisepresswise3.0

imation presswisepresswise3.0 is a group edition application running on Mac OS. Presswise, developed by Aldus a few years ago, has now been transferred to imation and can add PDF files to any group of editions without any change in the layout size. Imation presswise has enhanced support for PS files of QuarkXPress for Mac and win versions, built-in rip color separation control, the ability to manage font location and automatically download the required font library. Users can input any PDF or PS file format when using presswise. These files can contain high-resolution images, which can be linked with the help of OPI processor. Presswise also helps users track information about files, such as page size, original application, font, color, and OPI annotations. Once the user creates a set of template, the template can be used for any live part, without considering the page size, because preswise will automatically adjust other variables. Non standard parameters can be stored with live parts or templates, and the application supports output to almost all ps compatible devices


Qu of quiet software company radiates the product group of ite company across the province in a unique way except for the problem of excessive packaging. It only uses PDF files as a plug-in of acrobat exchange software in MAC and win environments. The remarkable feature of quoteimposing is to maintain PDF format in the whole process. And when the edition is completed, a new PDF file is generated. The other typical solution is to convert PDF files into PS files before work

the standard features of quoteimposing and quoteimposing+ software include single step execution and repeated execution, definition of bleeding, insertion/deletion of page numbers, page number change and other functions. When performing page extraction, insertion/deletion, other materials cannot be used to replace silver mask, booklet production, playback and many other actions. Because it communicates as a plug-in, there is no need to output or print files directly. Its output form is completed through the communication between applications

scenicsoft preps

the new version 3.5 fully supports PDF file group version, and supports built-in rip trap information. It is extended to many commonly used page design software through plug-ins. In order to make the program work easily in a complex working environment like various format files, the application also supports the mixing of PS files and PDF files. The latest version of the software can be used in Apple Mac, Win95 and WinNT operating environments

QuarkXPress 4. The generated files of X can be processed in preps software, and the multiple master and true type word libraries from Windows applications need not be replaced. Due to the integration of PS3 rip technology in preps software, users can verify whether the printed page of the book is correct through the preview function. At present, preps3.5 has been revised to enable users with multiple documents and conflicting word libraries to change the source files, so as to ensure correct matching and make word library processing more reliable

another feature of the software includes increased control over defining page sizes, identifying template labels, and Xerox d0cutech 6135 and 6180 folding procedures. It also enhances the user's preset function, allowing users to set up their own template and label folders

moreover, the preps3.5 user interface allows users to define the hole setting position on their device, including the settings of test printing and construction of hole position alignment. For Heidelberg users, scenicsoft workflow supports delta list information

ultimate technology impostrip

as a solution to the trapping and version assembly of On-Q server opt server, this program can also be used alone. Ultimate imposrip provides many key functions to enable Mac and WinNT users to work at will

these functions include support for 150 file formats (including DDF file format); Replacement of wrong code pages; Enhanced page display; Automatic single step and repeated steps; Setting control of mouth setting; Intelligent PPD; Through Adobe's CPSI rip, the pre output detection and preview functions are integrated to enhance the program; Font download, printed label positioning, folding calculation, fitting, mirror orientation, size change and many other help means to speed up the process. Ultimate's origami folding system can also display virtual page models to users on the screen


signature server option allows users to utilize client/server workflows to group files on their workstations and then transfer them to servers (MAC, windows, UNIX, or Dec alpha systems) for processing and output. Ultimate technography also provides impress software, which is specially used to solve the design process of on-demand printing. The maximum size of book stickers can reach 22*29 inches. (end)

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