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Zhejiang methanol gasoline pilot evaluation completed in October

Zhejiang methanol gasoline pilot working group office has recently jointly carried out a provincial summary evaluation of methanol gasoline pilot with the departments of Commerce, quality supervision and environmental protection. It is expected to complete the evaluation in October, preparing for the further promotion and Application of methanol gasoline in Zhejiang Province

last year, Hangzhou became one of the pilot cities of methanol gasoline in the province. At present, two gas stations in Hangzhou have piloted methanol gasoline, mainly M15, which is mainly used for taxi refueling. Compared with No. 93 gasoline, methanol gasoline is 0.5 ~ 0.6 yuan cheaper per liter

not long ago, the product quality assessment of methanol gasoline production enterprises in Zhejiang Province led by Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of quality supervision has been completed. According to the evaluation opinion of the expert group, the overall quality level of M15 and M30 methanol gasoline in Zhejiang Province is stable, and the production technology is mature, which is qualified for promotion in Zhejiang Province

commercialize it as a packaging material

at the same time, the expert group put forward suggestions: it is appropriate to promote M15 methanol gasoline in advance, gradually establish product enterprise alliance standards to strengthen or identify with competitors, unify the technical requirements of base oil and additives for methanol gasoline production, and promote production enterprises to further improve the quality inspection and control ability of raw materials and finished products; Improve the level of technology research and development, so that all technologies of methanol gasoline in Zhejiang Province can fully meet the requirements of the national standard of vehicle gasoline

the relevant person in charge of the Zhejiang methanol gasoline pilot working group office said that after the quality assessment is completed, the environmental protection assessment will be carried out, which is expected to be completed in October. If these works are completed smoothly and industrial policies are guaranteed, alternative energy industries such as methanol and gasoline in Zhejiang Province will develop rapidly

however, the application of M85, M100 and other high proportion methanol gasoline requires corresponding refitting of vehicles, mainly including adding an electronic control unit, replacing alcohol resistant oil pipes, oil pumps, etc. According to the analysis of insiders, for ordinary private cars, the money saving effect of adding M15 is limited, and adding M85 requires refitting the vehicle, and consumer acceptance still needs a process. In comparison, methanol gasoline is more attractive to taxis and other operating vehicles

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