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Methanol enterprises call for international trade relief

'relevant national departments should take international trade relief measures, otherwise importing methanol at a low price will destroy China's methanol industry.' Recently, it was learned from an interview with methanol production enterprises that since the end of last year, the number of imported low-cost methanol from abroad has soared, hitting a record, which has caused damage to the safety of China's methanol industry. Many enterprise heads have made such appeals

Zhuan sunyuzhu, deputy director of the marketing department of Yankuang Group Coal Chemical Sales Co., Ltd., said that since November last year, a large number of overseas spot methanol poured into the Chinese market, and the amount of imported methanol soared from 100000 tons per month to 300000 to 400000 tons per month. According to the statistics of China Customs, the thickness of one side of 200 plastic bags shall not be less than 0.025 mm. The total import of methanol in 8 years reached 1.434 million tons, the highest level since 2003. In December 2008, the import volume was 36000 tons, which soared to 591000 tons in February and 653000 tons in March 2009. The import volume reached a record for the third consecutive month. In May, despite the problems of some units in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, the number of methanol arriving in Hong Kong remained high, which should not be less than 500000 tons from the current situation

the monthly import volume is 500000 tons, which is equivalent to the output of domestic methanol enterprises for one and a half months. Li Shaochun, deputy director of the transportation, marketing and marketing department of Shaanxi Weihe coal chemical group, said that most of the imported methanol came from the Middle East, where the price of natural gas was low, the scale of methanol plants was large, and the production cost was only more than half of that of domestic coal based methanol enterprises. Some used oil field associated gas, with lower cost, and had an absolute competitive advantage. Zhuan sunyuzhu introduced that the sea freight from the Middle East to China is no more than 300 yuan/ton, while China's coal to methanol plants are concentrated in the northwest, and transported from the northwest to East China. The railway freight alone is 600 yuan/ton, and the road freight is higher. Domestic methanol cannot compete with foreign methanol in production cost and transportation

Zhuan sunyuzhu told: "the ex factory price of methanol produced in Shandong is 1800 yuan/ton, and the price to be transported to East China is 2050 yuan/ton, while the current market price is about 1850 yuan/ton, and the price of imported methanol is 200 yuan/ton lower than the market price. We believe that this has constituted dumping. " A person in charge of Henan Hongda Chemical Co., Ltd. also said: "the operating rate of domestic methanol production enterprises has fallen from 50% in October last year to less than 30% at present. The market share of domestic methanol has also shrunk rapidly, resulting in the postponement of the production of many domestic new expansion projects. These are the concentrated manifestations of the damage caused by imported methanol to domestic enterprises. "

Li Haofeng, head of the marketing department of Jiangsu Huachang Chemical Co., Ltd., said that China's methanol imports soared and the average CIF price fell sharply, which had basically stopped China's methanol exports. From January to March, the cumulative total export volume of methanol was only 0800 tons, and the export volume of methanol in February was 0200 tons, 31 less than that in January. First check whether the joints of the oil circuit system are tightened 43%。 The enterprises that produce methanol with chemical fertilizer directly suffer losses from both chemical fertilizer and methanol. Zhuan sunyuzhu said that now many production enterprises are forced to reduce the load or stop production. Enterprises such as Yankuang Group, which has advantages in coal resources, have been forced to reduce the production of methanol and acetic acid, which shows that imported methanol has caused damage to industrial safety. Moreover, methanol is the basic chemical raw material in China. The healthy development of methanol enterprises is directly related to the development of downstream products such as formaldehyde, acetic acid, dimethyl ether, ethylene, propylene, etc. if this situation continues, the difficulty is that the production of fixtures will collapse the entire methanol industry in China, and related industries will also be damaged

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