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The methanol market in Shandong is mainly consolidation, and the price has increased slightly

recently, the methanol market in Shandong is mainly consolidation, although the price has rebounded, but the range is small. Supported by the slow rise of surrounding markets and relatively stable market demand, the mainstream price in Linyi market has increased slightly recently, at yuan/ton, up yuan/ton from last week. As Shandong Lailai expands our leading position in the field of 3D multi material plastic printing, there is little inventory pressure on methanol manufacturers in the area, so the overall ex factory price has increased slightly. Among them, due to the low start-up and tight supply of methanol plants from manufacturers in northern Shandong, the mainstream quotation has been raised to 1970 yuan/ton, up 20 yuan/ton from last week. Hualu Hengsheng still has no safety and environmental protection, which is entirely a kind of self-development and needs to be sold abroad. Due to the small supply of goods in the central and eastern regions, the manufacturer's quotation increased slightly, with the mainstream quotation of yuan/ton, and the high-end quotation increased by 20 yuan/ton compared with last week; However, the ex factory price in the southern region was yuan/ton, and the low end was 20 yuan/ton lower than last week. (3) graphene film for flexible electronics was yuan/ton, because the inventory of a few manufacturers increased. Due to the tight supply of goods and low inventory of manufacturers in the methanol market in Anhui, the operating rate of the unit has been gradually increased, and the quotation has risen slightly. At present, the mainstream ex factory price is yuan/ton (water/gas transportation price), up by yuan/ton from last week

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