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On July 8, Shanxi Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission learned that 13 local standards for energy conservation proposed and organized by Shanxi Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission will be officially released and implemented on August 10. Among the eight mandatory energy consumption quota standards for unit products that can measure small graduation items, four are local energy-saving standards for methanol, which is also the first local energy consumption quota standard for the methanol industry in China

among them, the four local energy-saving standards for methanol are the energy consumption limit per unit product of coke oven gas to methanol, the energy consumption limit per unit product of synthetic ammonia co production of methanol, the energy consumption limit per unit product of coal-bed methane to methanol, and the energy consumption limit per unit product of coal to methanol

in order to ensure the realization of energy-saving goals, promote technological energy conservation, effectively reduce the unit consumption of enterprise products, and continuously improve the energy efficiency level of key energy consuming industries, Shanxi has started the formulation of energy-saving standards since 2010. Since then, Shanxi Province has successively issued local standards for energy consumption limits of unit products such as magnesium smelting, calcium carbide, ferroalloy, cement, aluminum oxide, electrolytic aluminum, synthetic ammonia, caustic soda, steel and steel, wind power flanges, steel castings and so on. In 2012, our province strengthened the formulation of energy-saving standards, and eight products and five energy-saving management standards of the adjusting nuts under the adjusting frames in the building materials, chemical, food, metallurgy and other industries were included in the 2012 local standard formulation plan. Since May 2012, all standard drafting units have continuously revised and improved through research, drafting, on-site verification, discussion, consultation, technical review, expert review and other links, and finally formed the standard draft for approval

this year, Shanxi Province will start the formulation of 12 new energy-saving standards, gradually establish product energy consumption quota standards covering major energy consuming industries in the province, promote energy conservation by establishing and improving the energy-saving standard system, and force energy conservation by standards, so as to ensure the smooth completion of the 12th Five Year Plan energy-saving goals and tasks

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