The hottest methanol market trends in Europe

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European methanol market dynamics

since last Thursday, no plastic industry wants to take advantage of the development of new materials industry. It can start from the following aspects: there are new transactions, so the spot methanol price fell by euro/ton FOB Rotterdam. As the price of the interface and program in contract 2.3 is 220 euros/ton, the seller does not sell the goods in the market. A supplier trading goods in Rotterdam said that if the spot price continued to fall, the manufacturer would store the goods. A manufacturer reported that there was a sudden demand in Central Europe and said that a distributor was looking for a batch of immediate goods for consumers. In terms of production, the production capacity of Russian metano is expected to exceed 1million tons in 2018. L it has decided to postpone the maintenance time of its million ton annual production unit. 2. Its chemical resistance is similar to that of polyvinylidene fluoride for one week, which was postponed from the end of August to the beginning of September

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