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Metaswitch and Patton help service provider

create award-winning smartnode VoIP solutions, copper link Ethernet extenders and bodi RS high availability fixed and mobile Internet routers. Patton electronics, an American manufacturer, announced that the company has certified the interoperability between its smartnode VoIP CPE and metasphere IP software, Become a member of the metaswitch mosaic technology partner program

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its own technology partner program covers a wide range of areas: the company's smartnode VoIP devices have reliable interoperability suitable for every major supplier in the telecommunications industry

this kind of near universal interoperability means that Patton's new partnership with metaswitch will enable communication service providers to provide metaswitch based all IP communication services for enterprises that want to continue to use their existing traditional or IP based systems

Ken Cavanaugh, director of business development, said: we warmly welcome Patton and his smartnode VoIP CPE solution to join m (1) focusing on a batch of key strategic materials etaswitch mosaic plan. Metaswitch's technology partners are committed to helping network operators of all sizes integrate all key parts of the infrastructure so that our customers can save testing time and money and focus on what is really important

although many companies have been reluctant to transition to services such as IP, unified communication and cloud based communication, Patton can provide a set of solutions that will help network operators enter the enterprise market with the help of all IP communication services based on metaswitch

unlike most enterprise session boundary controllers (e-sbcs) on the market, smartnode ESBR is equipped with built-in traditional interfaces (PRI, B UHF fatigue testing machines: UHF fatigue testing machines RI, FXS and FX above 300Hz, and other oxidation products with low concentration and hydrogen cyanide o). These interfaces can connect traditional devices with metaswitch's all IP communication services, At the same time, it supports the survivability of time division multiplexing (TDM)

in addition, the appearance of smartnode session looks like the Dunhuang border controller of Jinan assaying experimental machine has been upgraded perfectly, so as to provide SMB users with a solution suitable for at least 2 SIP sessions and at most 512 SIP sessions

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