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Methanol gasoline: standards boost market expansion

in order to alleviate energy tension and global environmental pressure, countries are developing alternative fuels and clean fuels, as is China. At present, the country has carried out pilot work on methanol gasoline in Shanxi, and the national standard for high proportion of methanol gasoline has been issued and implemented in 2009. However, recently, through contact with methanol gasoline enterprises, we learned that the successive introduction of methanol for vehicle fuel and methanol gasoline for vehicle (M85) in 2009 did not bring practical changes to the market. The reason is that a high proportion of methanol gasoline for vehicle needs to be modified, which raised the threshold for methanol gasoline enterprises and confirmed the development status of methanol gasoline "on the road"

since the beginning of 2010, the introduction of the national standard for low proportion methanol gasoline (M15) is expected to be gradually strengthened. At the end of June, the national alcohol ether fuel and alcohol ether clean vehicle professional committee revealed that the submission draft of the national standard for M15 methanol gasoline for vehicles has been completed, which will be submitted to the National Standards Committee for approval after expert discussion, and is expected to be issued within the year. The introduction of the national standard for low proportion methanol gasoline is expected to stimulate the alcohol ether industry again, and the market is also quietly expanding under the escort of the standard

according to statistics, in 2009, about 3million tons of methanol was used as fuel in China, accounting for 15% - 18% of the apparent consumption of methanol in China. In 2010, affected by the expected introduction of the national standard for low proportion methanol gasoline, the methanol gasoline market was unprecedentedly active in the first half of the year, with the capacity of projects under construction and planned to be built exceeding 8million tons, concentrated in Shaanxi, Gansu, Guangxi, Ningxia, Liaoning, Guizhou, Henan and other places. If these capacities can be released, it will greatly alleviate the current overcapacity situation in the domestic methanol market

in the first half of this year, the domestic methanol output was 8.11 million tons, an increase of 53.3% over the same period last year. The economic recovery stimulated the recovery of the domestic methanol market. At the same time, the expansion of the methanol gasoline market also played a supporting role in its weak methanol market. According to the proportion of methanol used as fuel in 2009, we are determined to make progress. We predict that the amount of methanol used as fuel in China will reach 10000 tons this year

the data shows that the methanol gasoline market in the first half of this year showed the strong trend of "following the rise but not the fall" in choosing the universal tensile machine, Driven by the expected rise in the price of refined oil at the end of March and the direct impact of the price adjustment of refined oil on April 14, the domestic methanol gasoline market rose by yuan/ton in March and April, and the price of M15 in Shanxi remained at a high level of 7200 yuan. Then, on June 1, the price of domestic refined oil was lowered. Due to frequent speculation, the market psychology of methanol gasoline was relatively strong, and the market price only fell slightly by yuan/ton following the price of refined oil

driven by the strong market, the domestic methanol gasoline market expanded significantly in 2010, and most of the new planned projects were based on large production capacity, setting off a frenzy of methanol gasoline and derivatives development across the country

however, with regard to the current situation of methanol gasoline "blooming everywhere", relevant people believe that the rapid expansion of production capacity is not beneficial when the national policy environment is not yet clear. The introduction of standards is expected to boost the expansion of the market. A positive market mentality is an important factor for the effective operation of the methanol gasoline industry. However, blind capacity expansion is bound to cause an imbalance between market supply and demand

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