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Methanol gasoline: everything is ready, only due to the "national standard" Dongfeng

methanol gasoline is a M-series mixed fuel composed of methanol and gasoline in a certain volume ratio supplemented by fuel additives. The most common is M15 methanol gasoline, that is, 15% methanol is added to gasoline. As a vehicle fuel, methanol gasoline is strongly supported by the industry because of its cleanliness, economy, low emissions and other advantages. However, at present, the promotion of methanol gasoline is slow, and it is only demonstrated in a few provinces

Zhou Xiujie, a researcher in the energy industry of CIC, pointed out that in the long-term use process, the technical conditions for the promotion and use of methanol gasoline in China have been mature, and the reason why it has not been widely spread is that all parties are waiting for the introduction of the national standard of methanol gasoline for vehicles (M15). At present, the draft of this national standard has been completed and will be submitted to the relevant national ministries and commissions for review

as early as 2002, Shanxi, Shaanxi and other places began to promote the use of methanol gasoline, and Zhejiang Quzhou has also conducted a pilot of methanol gasoline, which will be extended to Hangzhou. Although the use of methanol gasoline in these areas is good, the methanol gasoline standards of local provinces are used in these areas, and the standards of provinces are not unified. To this end, in April this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology specially formed an investigation team to investigate the use of methanol gasoline in Shanxi and other places following the principle of "first up, then down"

in addition to the lack of standards, the basic conditions for the promotion of methanol gasoline in China have been met. First of all, China is rich in coal resources, which can provide raw material support for the development of coal based alcohol ether fuel, and has the practical conditions for large-scale and base production. At the same time, the "by-products" produced by chemical fertilizer, pharmaceutical and other industries can also be used as raw materials for the production of methanol. It can be seen that the raw materials for methanol production are easy to obtain and cheap

China's abundant methanol production capacity can guarantee the demand for methanol gasoline. Based on the broad prospect of methanol gasoline, China's methanol production capacity has increased rapidly in recent years. According to the report on investment analysis and prospect prediction of China's methanol industry in, released by CIC consultants, in the eight years from 2000 to 2008, the annual average growth rate of China's methanol production capacity reached 25%, and the annual average growth rate of apparent consumption reached 18%. It is estimated that in 2010, China's methanol production capacity will reach about 32.12 million tons, with a demand of about 18-21 million tons, and there will be excess methanol production capacity. Therefore, Chang Yizhi, a researcher in the chemical industry of CIC consulting, believes that the introduction of the national standard for methanol gasoline for vehicles (M15) will lift the restrictions on the application of methanol in the fuel market, dilute some excess capacity, and improve the current operating conditions of methanol enterprises

in the field of application technology, the production technology of methanol gasoline and methanol vehicles in China have also been relatively mature. At present, Shanxi has 4 patents for methanol gasoline and Diesel Blended Combustion Technology, 15 patents for methanol engine technology, and 18 patents for methanol automobile combustion and purification device technology. These bear a lot of force and produce shear fracture at about 45 degrees. After nearly ten years of research and development, the technology can ensure that existing vehicles can use methanol gasoline with methanol content less than 15% without modification, and overcome the corrosion of methanol gasoline to engines and parts through technical treatment

two national standards, methanol for vehicle fuel and methanol gasoline for vehicle (M85), have been issued and implemented before. Therefore, the use of methanol gasoline is only due to the "east wind" of the national standard methanol gasoline for vehicle (M15)

Zhang Yanlin, director of CIC advisory research, reminded that after the introduction of the national standard of methanol gasoline for vehicles (M15), relevant supporting policies and management measures of local governments should also be followed up, including quality standard supervision, market order maintenance, consumption guidance, tax incentives and other aspects, so as to truly promote the overall promotion of methanol gasoline

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