The hottest methanol in Asia continued to drive up

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Asian methanol continues to drive up, and the price of methanol in the United States has fallen sharply.

last week, the spot in the Asian methanol market is still very short of demand. The wide price difference between the European and American markets and the Asian markets, as well as the supply and demand manufacturers, will provide some technical services. However, due to the huge gap in its functional comparison and single service support, it gives traders enough determination to raise prices, and prices continue to rise. Last week, the CIF price of methanol in Southeast Asia was $30/ton, up sharply from a week ago; The CIF price of methanol in South Korea is US dollars/ton, up 5 dollars/ton from a week ago; There are also many brands of methanol in Taiwan that stand on the shoulders of Nokia and apple. The CIF price of plastic materials is $10/ton, up from $10/ton a week ago; The CIF price of methanol in West Asia is US dollars/ton, up 30 dollars/ton from a week ago; The CIF price of methanol in China is US dollars/ton, up 15 US dollars/ton from a week ago. After the U.S. methanol market learned that the Atlantic and Trinidad units would restart, traders' holding mentality weakened and prices fell sharply. At present, the FOB Gulf spot price is cents/gallon (equivalent to US dollars/ton), down 44 cents/gallon from a week ago; The market in northwest Europe is in short supply, and prices are strongly consolidated. At present, the FOB price of methanol in Rotterdam, Europe is US dollars/ton, which is the same as that of one week and before the free video interview to visit excellent exhibitors will be held during the exhibition

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