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According to the latest monitoring data, 26 has brought environmental benefits. The overall operation of the domestic methanol market is stable. At present, the market in East China is mainly stable, and the price in Shandong region fell by 30 yuan/ton compared with the previous day; Methanol in Tangshan, Hebei Province fell by 100 yuan/ton; The market in Shanxi is stable and the shipment is average; Inner Mongolia still mainly implements the early-stage contract, and there is no new price, but the price may decline slightly next week; The Northeast market operates stably, and northeast baotailong plans to stop on October 23 for 10 days of maintenance; The engineering rotation of the complex port market in East China will not be the stability of single 1, and the transaction focus in Jiangsu is on the low end

methanol Futures: on October 26, methanol ended flat in shock. Zhengzhou methanol main contract opened low at 2806 yuan/ton and closed at 2813 yuan/ton. The intraday trading range was yuan/ton, down 0%. 35308 transactions, 15688 positions, volume reduction and position reduction

outer market: the previous day, the quotation of CFR China main port was USD/ton, flat; CFR Southeast Asia quotation is USD/ton, flat; FOB US Gulf quotation is 126 25 cents/gallon, down 2 cents/gallon; The FOB Rotterdam quotation is 324 5 euros/ton, flat

The tensile strength and impact strength have reached the maximum value

the 18th CPC National Congress is about to be held, coupled with the cooling in the north, the transportation problem of methanol in the later stage may lead to tight supply in some regions, but the downstream market has not changed significantly, and the support for the methanol market is weak. At present, the load of devices in the formaldehyde market is in the process of completion, and the shipment has slowed down compared with the previous period; The dimethyl ether Market is weak, and transportation restrictions and increased transportation costs in some regions have put a great pressure on the market; The acetic acid market operates smoothly and the transaction is average. Now it is rumored that Ningbo olefin plant will be put into operation next month and Datang International, a coal to olefin enterprise, will purchase a large amount of methanol, so the methanol market should be paid attention to

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