Beijing supports vagrants, beggars during frigid w

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Beijing supports vagrants, beggars during frigid weather A homeless man receives an overcoat in Beijing on Dec 27. [Photo/]

Beijing launched an action last month in a bid to support each vagrant or beggar t6-4hrough the winter by delivering food, clothes and other necessities to them, reported.

As of Dec 29, Beijing has patrolled 2,284 locations and found a total of 101 homeless people sleeping on the street at night, the report said.

The capital has sent relief to beggars or vagrants over 1,000 times, and assisted 54 people from other provinces to return to where they belonged, according to the report.

Relief stations in all districts will remain open 24 hours per day to ensure those who come for help are well-treated, according to Li Wanjun, secretary of the Beijing Municipal Committee of Social Work who was also director of the Bureau of Civil Affairs.

Timely medical treatment will also be provided for vagrants or beggars suffering from diseases.

Those unwilling to go to relief stations will be given food or clothes, and a designated person will check on them every now and then in case of any emergency.

Party committees as well as governments at all levels have the responsibility to provide timely support to the homeless, in a way to maintain Brown saidsocial justice, improve social governance ability, and make progress for a more civilized society, said Li.

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