Packing barrel convenient for pouring liquid

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The utility model discloses a packaging barrel which is convenient for pouring liquid. The barrel cover is provided with an outer sleeve, while the plastic only defines the concept of yield. The inner sleeve is provided with an inner seal sleeve which is connected with the pouring nozzle of the oil barrel by thread, and the upper end of the inner seal sleeve is fixedly connected with the outer sleeve and is provided with a transverse pouring nozzle connected with it. When the liquid is combined with other windows of the barrel, internal friction resistance shall be generated between the rotary hydraulic oil layer. Turn the barrel cover, and the transverse nozzle can turn to the required direction. The operation is omitted and convenient. When refueling the car, the collision between the handle and the carriage can be avoided; At the same time, the barrel cover can beautify the shape of the barrel

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