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What are the brands of needle nose pliers and how to choose needle nose pliers

Abstract: we all know that needle nose pliers are a kind of pliers shaped tool, which are mainly used to cut multi strand wires and thin single strand wires, and have been widely used. So what are the reliable brand of needle nose pliers

pointed nose pliers brands

in fact, there are many pointed nose pliers brands in the market, such as Jieke, SATA, Great Wall Seiko, steel shield, jidori, qiaofang, Baogong, Tiandao, Weihan and so on. The pointed nose pliers of these brands are of high quality, both in terms of product quality and industry reputation. As for which brand you will choose, it will depend on your needs and the results of consideration

take the average diameter of the smallest one of the three places to calculate the cross-sectional area

tips for purchasing needle nose pliers

1. Brand. For every consumer, they want to buy high-quality and trustworthy brand products, even needle nose pliers. A large brand of needle nose pliers with fine workmanship, stable performance and long service life. On the contrary, if you choose an unreliable brand and buy inferior pointed nose pliers, they will be easily damaged during use, which will affect the next use and greatly shorten their service life

2. Type selection. The pointed nose pliers on the market are divided into professional electronic pointed nose pliers, high-grade Japanese pointed nose pliers, VDE high-voltage resistant pointed nose pliers, German labor-saving pointed nose pliers, anti-static pointed nose pliers, etc

3. Material. In general, because of the inevitable throttling loss or overflow loss, the pointed nose pliers are made of 45# steel, and its carbon content is 0.45%, which is suitable for both hardness and toughness

4. Price. Different types of needle nose pliers have different prices. However, one thing to pay attention to is not to be greedy for cheap and choose unqualified products to avoid damage and impact on use in the future

the above is a summary of the skillful selection techniques and reliable brand of needle nose pliers. In addition, in order to prolong its service life, you also need to know the precautions and repair and maintenance skills. For example, when it is not used, the surface needs to be coated with lubricating anti rust oil to avoid rust; In the process of use, do not let the blade point at yourself to avoid inadvertently posing a threat to personal safety; It should be put in place after use. If there are children at home, please put it at a height out of the reach of children to prevent children from being hurt

as we all know, pointed nose pliers is a kind of pliers shaped tool, which is mainly used to cut multi strand wires and thin single strand wires, and has been widely used. So what are the reliable brand of needle nose pliers? How to choose needle nose pliers? In view of these questions to avoid damage to the small force sensor due to operational errors, I will now make a summary for you

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