What are the main uses of the hottest foam glass

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What are the main uses of foam glass

foam glass is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, underground industry, strategic emerging industry development, national defense and military industry due to its advantages of light weight, low thermal conductivity, low water absorption, non combustion, non mildew, high strength, corrosion resistance, non toxicity, stable physical and chemical properties. Using advanced large-scale circuits for circuit design can achieve the effects of heat insulation, heat preservation, cold insulation and sound absorption, In addition, it is widely used for thermal insulation of external walls and roofs of civil buildings. With the increasing requirements of human beings for environmental protection, foam constant deformation force measuring glass will become the advanced wall and roof thermal insulation material of urban civil buildings. Foam glass is a safe, reliable and durable building energy-saving and environmental protection material with its inorganic silicate material and independent closed micro pores, which combines the characteristics of air tightness, non combustion, anti rodent and anti moth, acid and alkali resistance (except hydrofluoric acid), non-toxic, non radioactive, stable chemical performance, easy processing and no deformation. Its service life is equal to the service life of buildings

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