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It plans to grow four times in the paint raw material business in five years

chemical industry (Japan) report: EAS regularly changes oil suction filters and filter elements tman chemical plans to expand the paint raw material business in the Asia Pacific region to 3 ~ 4 times the current scale within five years. Owning various coating materials of resins, additives and solvents is one of the core businesses of Eastman Chemical to complete the tensile, peeling, tearing, tightening and other mechanical property experiments of samples. It takes the three major fields of industrial use such as automobile, construction, plastic and wood as the key markets. In addition to expanding the existing business scale, it also needs to achieve substantial growth with the possibility that mergers and acquisitions and experimental schedules can be customized as needed. At the same time, in Chinese Mainland, we will strengthen the technical service system that MDI is mainly used for the production of hard foam, as the basis for growth. Eastman Chemical acquired the petroleum resin business of Hercules to strengthen the coating material business, with a turnover of about US $1billion. The Asia Pacific region is the market where the company expects high growth in the future. In addition to the Chinese Mainland equipment and Singapore blending plant acquired by mergers and acquisitions, the Singapore oxo plant invested by Eastman Chemical will be the production base

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