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Get out of reach - new Guinness Genie ® SX ™

reach the unreachable - new Guinness Genie ® SX ™- 135xc flashed on the stage at the same time

China Construction machinery information

in the twinkling of an eye, the last month of 2016 has arrived ~

in 2016, Guinness experienced the opening of Changzhou phase II factory

ushered in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the brand

also made great achievements on Bauma China in 2016


Guinness strives to provide customers with better equipment on the road of innovation

Service and high return on investment

Guinness will always be outstanding and innovative

today, Guinness will introduce a new product to you again

it is to accelerate enterprise transformation

genie SX ™- 135xc

self propelled straight arm aerial work platform

this is the first product of "XC" series launched by Guinness

Genie SX ™- 135xc super heavy-duty straight arm aerial work platform is the first product of Guinness "XC" series aerial work platform, which has the industry-leading horizontal extension capacity and full working range bearing capacity. The working height can reach 43.15 meters, the horizontal extension is 27.43 meters, the whole process of 300 kg is not limited, and the construction operation can be carried out 6 meters below the horizontal plane. The body is exquisite and compact, and the floor area is only 3.94 meters x 4.11 meters

Genie SX ™- 135xc straight arm aerial work platform

Adam Hailey, product director of Terex aerial work platform business unit, is talking about Genie SX ™- 135xc product advantages said: "Genie SX ™- 135xc adopts a new design scheme. Compared with the aerial work platform of the same size, genie SX ™- The horizontal extension length of 135xc is 3.5 meters longer, and the load capacity is 32% higher. The unique upward and outward clearance ability can easily cross domain obstacles. It is an ideal choice for leasing customers facing difficult construction conditions

unique design improves operation efficiency

genie SX ™- The 135xc self-propelled straight arm aerial work platform can safely and quickly lift the construction personnel to the full platform height of 41.15 meters in 180 seconds, and carry out positioning construction operations accurately and quickly. The DEUTZ td2.9 L4 74 HP (55 kW) 4f/3b diesel engine with four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering meets the emission requirements, so that the equipment can meet the needs of most workplaces

Genie SX ™- 135xc's innovative design includes an ultra-high working height of 43.15 meters that perfectly covers the working range and an industry-leading horizontal extension length of 27.43 meters, which is 3 meters longer than any other straight arm aerial work platform of the same type on the market

Genie SX ™- 135xc straight arm aerial work platform

new short arm design enhances the flexibility and versatility of the equipment

genie SX ™- 135xc is equipped with a unique jib extend ™ It can extend the short arm, rotate 125 degrees vertically, and the working range can cover 55 ° downward to 75 ° upward. The expansion range is from 5.48 meters to 9.14 meters, allowing operators to easily cross high-altitude obstacles. The extendable short arm can reach the working point 6 meters below the horizontal plane, which greatly enhances the upward and downward extension ability of the equipment

in order to adapt to Genie SX ™- 135xc has greater operating capacity and working range. Guinness engineers have developed a new type of hydraulic telescopic short arm, which meets all the requirements of leasing customers for ascending, spanning and descending work. When the construction task is completed, the short boom can be stored under the main boom for convenient transportation

compact overall structure design

in the design of Genie SX ™- In the process of 135xc, the convenience of transportation of the equipment was fully considered, and the engineers adopted the new mini xchassis ™) Design scheme. The compact overall structure design, the size of the equipment in the storage state is 2.49M x 4.11M, and the axle extension is 3.94M x 4.11M, which can not only ensure the stability of the operation site, but also occupy a small space during transportation. Adam Hailey said, "the design of the Mini x chassis is similar to that of Genie SX ™- 150、Genie SX ™- 180 and Genie ZX ™- 135's full-size xchassis telescopic axle is similar, but its floor area is only two-thirds of that of the full-size xchassis. Even in a narrow working space, it has good handling ability and will not affect nearby operators and traffic. "

Genie SX ™- 135xc straight arm aerial work platform

genie SX ™- The weight of 135xc aerial work platform is 21, 727 kg, the overall transportation length is 13.3 meters, the tail swing radius is 1.14 meters, and the ground clearance is 0.315, which has increased by more than 10 times and 8 meters in recent years. It can be transported by a trailer of standard size, and no extra wide or extra high transportation permission is required

super heavy load has become the standard configuration

in order to meet the super strong off-road performance required by customers and provide the requirements of a wider range and higher load, Guinness's new "XC" series aerial work platform came into being, genie SX ™- The bearing capacity of 135xc under unrestricted conditions is 300 kg and that under restricted conditions is 453. The sliding surface of the inlaid steel plate in contact with the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean by 4 kg, and three operators, tools and on-site materials can be carried at the same time. The new "XC" series aerial work platform adopts the standard 2.44m three entry platform with side revolving doors

new Genie SX ™- 135xc straight arm aerial work platform is highly versatile with other parts, options and accessories of Guinness series products, and adheres to Guinness' design concept of easy service

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