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Walk in Sany Xianyang tirida service global tour inspection record

walk in Sany Xianyang tirida service global tour inspection record

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when the first ray of sunshine rises at dawn, a new day begins

today, as usual, our team of service engineers from Xianyang Tairuida set out to conduct a global inspection of the customer's equipment in the 18 bid section of Yanyang expressway. The customer's equipment is a 25 ton five jib truck crane. After arriving at the destination, our service engineers of Xianyang Tairuida first checked the equipment for the customer, and carried out all-round inspection and commissioning of the equipment. After inspection, the user's equipment maintenance is very comprehensive, and the whole vehicle is normal. Then we will give gifts to the operators. The operator was very happy to receive the gift and cooperated with our work very much

our service engineer of Xianyang Tairuida communicated with the customer's operators in terms of daily maintenance and operating comfort. He greatly praised the air conditioner in the cab of Sany truck crane. The customer's operator said that during construction in the north, the weather is relatively hot in summer. If there is no air conditioner, the indoor temperature can reach more than 40 degrees Celsius, and the operation cannot be carried out normally at all. With an air conditioner, the temperature can be reduced. Sany's products are quite good in terms of configuration

our service engineer of Xianyang Tairuida learned from the communication with the customer that if the construction of this bid section has been completed by truck, it can be determined that it is approaching the end in one hour. The customer is worried about the next construction contract. The other party said that the market has been depressed in recent years, and the project volume has been seriously reduced. Small bosses like them are under great pressure, and they have to pay the driver's salary every month and repay the monthly loan for equipment

at noon, the customer invited our service engineers from Xianyang Tairuida to have lunch in their canteen. Generally, the leaders of the construction company are not affected by the experiment. When the leaders learned that we are Sany's after-sales personnel, they strongly praised Sany equipment for its fast construction speed and good performance. For example, the construction of a brand of equipment is slow, and the equipment often fails. After sales personnel can come to deal with the failure in threeorfour days. Sany's equipment is different. We often see Sany service personnel go to the construction site to check the equipment. After the equipment fails, call the service engineer, and the service personnel rush to deal with it immediately. The service is very timely, and the technology is also relatively strong. If there is a need to replace parts, the operator will explain the situation to the service engineer after finding the fault, and sany will soon adjust the new one. If you don't know something, the service engineer will drive back to get it immediately after the on-site inspection, and then you can replace it and conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment

after the simple lunch, our service engineer of Xianyang Tairuida returned to the construction site and continued to explain the safe operation knowledge and simple troubleshooting methods to the operators until the sunset was extended to the west, ending the day's work

this is the day when we serve the photoelectric encoder position capture module to adopt the hardware module. The price of aluminum, nickel and zinc is lower than its marginal cost. A group of ordinary Sany people

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