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Put down the hammer and pick up the mouse, the hometown of cranes "manufacturing" becomes "intelligent manufacturing"

put down the hammer and pick up the mouse, the hometown of cranes "manufacturing" becomes "intelligent manufacturing"

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on February 18, the second day of the lunar new year, Yangliu Town, Xintai City, the general manager of Shandong longhui Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. and Dalong played a new trick of new year's greetings. He invited Liu Kelu and several other "Chuang gen" in the lifting industry of Yangliu town to visit the company

"in the past, we broke into the world with a sledgehammer. Now you hold the mouse and make products all over the world. This change is really a world apart." Liu Kelu, an 85 year old man, said with admiration

from the army of migrant workers to the tide of entrepreneurship back home, after generations of Yangliu people, the crane industry has gradually become the pillar industry of Yangliu town. In 2009, the sales revenue exceeded 10 billion yuan, and more than 260 enterprises participated in the crane industry chain, becoming a well-known "national crane town"

affected by the adjustment of industrial structure, the crane industry in Yangliu town has also experienced a cold wave, with the market shrinking and production capacity declining. What should I do? "Transformation and upgrading have become the only way for enterprises to regenerate." Lixingsheng, Secretary of the Party committee of Yangliu Town, said that our province has put forward an action plan to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, promote the "four modernizations" with the "four innovations", and accelerate the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. Yangliu town has seized this opportunity to actively build an intelligent lifting Industrial Park and turn "manufacturing" into "intelligent manufacturing", which has achieved remarkable results

splitting iron "splits" a big industry

"splitting iron and crane are twin brothers." Speaking of the origin of the hometown of cranes in Yangliu Town, Liu Kelu, known as the "king of iron splitting", made this metaphor

in the early 1960s, in order to support his family and go out, Liu Kelu worked in Beijing Capital Iron and steel company with the best technology, the best quality and the most economical cost to create value for customers. After finding a way to get rid of poverty and become rich, he led more and more villagers to Beijing to do iron splitting work for more than 20 years

"iron splitting is the world's best coolie. Every day, dozens of pounds of sledgehammers are swung continuously. No matter how strong a young man is, he has to rest after ten or so swung. At the end of the day, his body is like unloading eight dollars. At night, he doesn't even have the strength to turn over. He earns really hard-earned money." Liu Kelu said, "to put it bluntly, it was the sheep who developed the industry of splitting iron."

what made Liu Kelu proud was that at that time, iron splitters were once favored by steel enterprises, and they were often welcomed by manufacturers wherever they went

in the 1990s, tens of thousands of iron splitting troops fought in steel bases all over the country. As a result, a large number of RMB were continuously converging from all directions to sheep flow, and bank deposits increased sharply, forming a "uplift zone of RMB personal deposits" and "sacks for deposits", one of the four monsters of sheep flow

after the iron splitters had accumulated abundant capital, they began to return home to start businesses. "What are you doing? The crane is our favorite. We will start from it as soon as we get together." Liu Kelu said that in the steel plant, because the iron block is large, cranes are needed to help transport. Where the crane is not easy to use, they climb up for maintenance. After a long time, they are very familiar with the internal structure and parts of the crane, and can also tell about all kinds of crane models

around the 1980s, with the sharp increase in the number of entrepreneurs returning home, dozens of hoisting enterprises emerged overnight in an industrial park covering an area of more than 10 square kilometers, and the reputation of "hometown of cranes" was dazzling. Xinzhangzhuang village where Liu Kelu lived not only took off the hat of a poor village, but also put on the halo of a well-known rich village. "There are 230 houses with two floors in the whole village, and dozens of big bosses outside." Liu Kelu said in detail

bone scraping and poison treatment can only be achieved through transformation and upgrading

"like other construction machinery industries, Yangliu lifting machinery industry has also experienced ups and downs." Lixingsheng said that in the glorious period, lifting machinery manufacturing enterprises accounted for 85% of the private enterprises in the town. However, the road of development has never been smooth. In 2013, affected by the adjustment of industrial structure, Yulian group in Yangliu town has become a supplier of high-end aluminum utilization materials for well-known products at home and abroad. The crane industry has ushered in a cold winter, with sales declining year after year. The development of Yangliu hoisting machinery industry is facing unprecedented difficulties and challenges

the wandering industry has stimulated enterprises to think. "The problems existing in Yangliu hoisting machinery industry are highlighted as' eight low '." In the view of Ji Shenzhu, President of Yangliu Hoisting Machinery Association, simply speaking, Yangliu hoisting machinery industry is still a simple bundle of quantity rather than an effective superposition of quality; The homogeneous competition of products will inevitably lead to the low added value of products and the chaos of market order, which is also the main reason for the stagnant development of Yangliu hoisting machinery industry

how to get the industry out of the wandering development, let enterprises get rid of the difficult situation, and realize the magnificent transformation of the industry from big to strong? "There is only one way to solve the problem, that is, transformation and upgrading." Li Xingsheng said that under the guidance of the scientific concept of development and in close combination with the reality of Yangliu, he established the guiding ideology of "the characteristics of private economy and the clustering of characteristic economy", vigorously developed the lifting machinery industry, and successfully walked out a road of "planning, service and improvement"

the government set up enterprises to sing the opera

"the key to transformation and upgrading is to grasp the key. The key to Yangliu crane industry is that there are no peaks in the mountains and there is a lack of core technology." Zhushuwei, deputy mayor of Yangliu Town, said that since last year, Yangliu enterprises have continuously promoted the transformation of their brands from "traditional manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" through the introduction of technology, value tapping and other measures

"from the beginning, we have attached importance to cooperating with Kony, a world-renowned crane enterprise." He Dalong said, "through Kony's talent training plan, the enterprise has not only significantly improved the quality of employees, but also achieved the transformation and upgrading of production technology." Last year, they defeated many strong players at a bidding site in Beijing, and the best proof is that they successfully won a large order of garbage tower crane with common mechanical properties of less than 1300 yuan. Today, Shandong longhui Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. produces more than 60 types of products, involving military industry, aerospace, high-speed rail and other industries, with an output value of more than 100million yuan last year

Shandong jinhengli Machinery Co., Ltd. also benefits from talents and technological innovation. As a supporting enterprise of hoisting machinery, it mainly focuses on the production chain. The company has increased its cooperation with scientific research institutes and successively established Tai'an Chain Industry Research Institute and Tai'an chain engineering laboratory. The chain academician workstation currently under construction will be completed in 2018. At present, the chain products of the enterprise have been exported to the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries

entering the new year, Yangliu town is taking the opportunity of building an intelligent lifting town to accelerate industrial optimization and reorganization, implement collectivization, large-scale and professional development, innovate marketing mode, change growth mode, and make products ldquo; Copper powder is almost used in all fields of production and life, extending to the high end. At the same time, further improve the "industry university research" cooperation mechanism, highlight the development of "Internet +" lifting, build an intelligent lifting industrial park, and form the overall brand benefits of the town

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