The hottest place to stand is at the outlet of IOT

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Standing at the outlet of IOT, I "capture the world's" wisdom "

standing at the outlet of IOT, I" capture the world's "wisdom"

China Construction machinery information

Mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data applications, these iconic names of the Internet era frequently appear in the 2017 government work report, accurately interpreting the industrial transformation and upgrading orientation of the national "Internet + action plan", Highlight the integration and innovation of IOT and modern manufacturing. Standing at the forefront of "smart" manufacturing and services in China, Jiangsu XCMG Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "XCMG information") actively explores technology and system solutions in the fields related to IOT and intelligent manufacturing, continues to create new competitive advantages for customers based on big data analysis and excavation, fully excavates the Internet + new forces, and quickly assists customers to seize the highest point of service-oriented manufacturing industry

one IOT, global service "zero distance"

XCMG information's first domestic industrial IOT big data platform, based on massive data and with the help of core algorithms, can quickly, accurately and conveniently predict the macro market "barometer", so that enterprises can implement strategic decision-making and adjustment in a timely and accurate manner, quickly adapt to market changes, and respond to market demand at the first time, And provide reference for the adjustment of national macroeconomic policies. Through the collection, cleaning, factor extraction and correlation data analysis of more than 6000 working condition data, the platform depicts an accurate portrait of cluster operation, laying a solid foundation for remote intelligent diagnosis; Using machine learning algorithm to establish a set of preventive maintenance model of equipment, high probability and high reliability will hit the upcoming event. After the event affects the work efficiency, passive service will be active service in advance, so as to maximize the trouble free working time of equipment and improve its use efficiency and value

with the unique understanding of service-oriented manufacturing industry, we continue to expand the innovative product research and development and continuous upgrading support capabilities. In the early years, the IOT information friction and wear experimental machine was a mechanical force measuring terminal to realize the basic information collection and transmission of equipment, support remote automatic upgrading, realize remote control, abnormal alarm, etc., and provide basic tools for "zero distance" services. With the rapid development of IOT industry and the orderly promotion of the action plan of Internet + industry, this kind of hardware is gradually transformed into the bridgehead of basic data collection in the whole life cycle of products, and its life cycle will inevitably accompany the equipment itself

at the same time, XCMG information actively studied the overseas IOT business promotion plan, and implemented the overseas entry certification of IOT information terminals and the construction of overseas IOT platform for the first time in the industry. At present, the platform can timely realize remote monitoring, working condition display, operating rate statistics, maintenance management and other functions for equipment in countries and regions as far away as Brazil, Myanmar, Laos and other countries and regions, which greatly supports the international business expansion of XCMG. So as to realize the interconnection between equipment, equipment and people, and between people, and truly achieve the "zero distance" of global services

interconnection + manufacturing, enhance the whole value chain of enterprises

the future global manufacturing industry is facing a customized transformation to customers. Without interconnection +, this kind of change cannot be realized and the communication between production and customers' needs cannot be opened up. At present, most manufacturing enterprises are enterprise centered and product centered. How to transform the needs of customers into enterprise products should be based on the "Internet +" thinking, stand on the "Internet +" tuyere, and focus on customers and services to solve the problems in the process of enterprise development. Zhangqiliang, general manager of XCMG information, said, "we must make full use of Internet + and intelligent manufacturing to realize the reform of manufacturing industry through the dual innovation of technology and business model."

XCMG's information positioning development goal, integrating modern technology, taking modern sensing technology, network technology, automation technology, artificial intelligence technology and other advanced technologies as the foundation, and realizing the intellectualization of design process, manufacturing process and manufacturing equipment through intelligent perception, human-computer interaction, decision-making and execution technology, is the deep integration and integration of information technology, intelligent technology and equipment manufacturing technology. In the intelligent manufacturing base of large tonnage loaders of XCMG, two unique intelligent production lines, CNC machine tools, robots and AGV trolleys, realize the dialogue between people and machines and between equipment and equipment through industrial interconnection technology. Realize data sharing and information interaction, solve the "information island" and realize intelligent production. The terminal is the brain of the factory. Workers can issue production instructions by simply touching the terminal. At this time, machine tools and robots can recognize instructions and produce intelligently

in fact, through smart manufacturing, XCMG's production efficiency has been greatly improved. At the beginning of the construction of the base, the intelligent manufacturing base of large tonnage loaders was located in the industry model factory, and intelligent plans were formulated from the aspects of production control, material distribution, quality inspection and so on. Originally, 1500 people can only produce 17000 products a year. In smart factories, the same staff can produce 46000 products a year. Not only the production capacity has been improved, but also the application of a large number of intelligent equipment, especially the application of welding robots and painting robots, has greatly improved the product quality and can remain stable for a long time

in the future, XCMG information will actively explore IOT, such as changing new technologies and applications in various loading stages and intelligent manufacturing field, integrating resources and channels, methodically improving research and development and continuously promoting a new generation of products through accurate product positioning, advanced information technology, strict quality control, steady updating and iteration, and improving industrial diversification, product intelligence, and manufacturing service, Lead the sustainable development of the industry with the action gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use", help the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and achieve quality and efficiency. Since it is no longer a novelty, scale and sustainable development to pack ketchup with a larger flexible vertical bag, it will provide strong technical support and guarantee for the grand goal of building a century old XCMG and entering the top three in the global industry

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