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Come to the Advantech booth of 2017 Industrial Expo to enjoy the industrial IOT Hao Asia Pacific region will also be the most developed region. Hanhai

Advantech also needs to quickly integrate effective information in front of a large amount of complicated information and data in October 2017. 2017 China International Industrial Expo industrial automation exhibition will soon appear in the National Convention and Exhibition Center, Advantech (Booth No. 6.1h hall D007) takes [gathering partners to build an IOT collaboration platform to promote the industry towards intelligent integrated application] as the theme, and works with industry giants Yifeng robot, Chuanyuan, Thai steel fire shutter general technical conditions g. based on this, we can evaluate the low-temperature brittleness, blue brittleness and recrystallization brittleness of materials, etc. B 14102 ⑼ 3 China, Saiyi and other partners to jointly exhibit intelligent manufacturing, motion control, industrial IOT Smart city and other industrial applications have jointly built a complete IOT industrial architecture of hardware + software + platform, aiming to create an ecosystem for IOT and cloud service sharing

Advantech booth: 6.1h exhibition hall D007

exhibition time: November 7-11, 2017

exhibition location: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center

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don't forget, come to Advantech booth on November 7 to see the cool hardware + software + platform complete IOT industrial structure

partition display

1 Intelligent manufacturing

the direction of industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing requires the integration of various vertical fields, industry applications, technical experience, etc. in order to build solutions that best meet the actual needs of customers. Therefore, Advantech continues to reach strategic cooperation with partners in various fields through WebAccess and wise PAAS alliance, aiming to provide complete solutions for equipment automation and intelligent factory, so that information can be visualized and products can be automated and intelligent. 2017 IAS Advantech, with the theme of "working together with industrial IOT partners to create a digital benchmark", systematically displays important industry applications such as smart factory war situation room, edge computing, equipment connection and remote operation and maintenance, energy efficiency management, intelligent image analysis and network security management

2. Smart city

facing the opportunities and challenges brought by informatization, the key to smart city construction lies in the integration of modern information technologies such as big data, IOT, cloud computing and urban management services. 2017 IAS Advantech takes [driving smart city innovation and building a model of IOT industry] as the direction, integrates key products and technologies such as cloud platform, intelligent computing, robust communication, and intelligent perception, presents typical applications in the fields of new energy, environmental protection, and smart water, and realizes the rational utilization of resources, the prediction and response of emergencies through information sharing and collaborative operations between different departments and systems in the city

3. National demonstration projects set industry benchmarks

with the development and application of industrial IOT technology in various fields, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of construction and other national functional departments have also issued corresponding policies to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing, smart cities, energy and environment, so a number of excellent demonstration projects have emerged. Advantech participated in the implementation of practical demonstration projects with a complete IOT solution architecture. This time, excellent cases such as intelligent manufacturing, integrated pipe gallery, industrial cloud platform and so on will also be brought to the site of the Industrial Expo to share and cooperate with industrial partners

se PAAS alliance

Advantech adheres to the concept of smart earth push, establishes wise paas/iiot alliance, and combines cloud services, intelligent manufacturing and automation system operators to deeply cultivate smart factories, industrial IOT, energy environment and other industries to jointly create IOT solutions. With the purpose of [industrial alliance to create win-win, altruistic service to achieve customers], the alliance promotes the establishment of an industrial ecological chain cooperation platform, shares market operating results, and realizes the great vision of achieving customers and creating win-win

of course, there are wonderful online and offline interactions that you can't miss

5. Come to the Advantech booth to experience the interactive VR guide of smart factory, live broadcast of the official account, remote direct attack on the hot scene of the industrial war room, demo interaction of the booth, on-site test application, VR experience of smart factory, these high-energy activities you expect will be available at the IAS Advantech booth in 2017. This year's Advantech not only prepares a complete factory war room display for you, but also can participate in the demo interaction in various regions to win VR experience opportunities and personally build your own exclusive smart factory

during the exhibition, the "Advantech automation" official account will broadcast the exhibition live in an all-round way, taking you directly to the heavyweight exhibition plan and the hot scene at the first time, and there are a variety of interesting online award-winning interactions waiting for you to participate at any time. Search Advantech automation and hit the 2017 Industrial Expo

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