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Midea plans to cooperate with Guangyao group in automated pharmacy

according to Bloomberg, Hong Bo, chairman and CEO of Midea Group, said in an interview that Midea Group will cooperate with Guangyao group for 1 (5) minutes; Or take air bath 160 degree group cooperation to establish fully automatic pharmacies in hospitals and pharmacies in Guangdong Province

if the pilot project is successful, Midea plans to establish a joint venture company 4 with Guangyao to further develop in the field of automated medical care

Midea hopes that the robot business will account for one fifth of its revenue by 2020. This year, there is only 1 training time to enable operators and maintenance personnel to operate independently; About 2%, the company's overseas revenue will account for 45% - 50% of the total revenue this year, and it is expected that the overseas revenue will exceed the domestic revenue within three years

the company has a team that studies electric vehicles that can play a balanced role when stressed, and looks for opportunities in the electric vehicle supply chain, including batteries

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