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Plan ahead and improve "immunity" -- youao robot promotes the resumption of production in the manufacturing industry

to cope with the complex and severe situation, the manufacturing industry needs stronger flexibility and flexibility. During this period, youao robot has been in closer contact with users to understand the changes in their needs, and share the stories of manufacturers in different regions of the world, so as to facilitate mutual reference and learning

deploy automation and take precautions

RCM industries in the United States is a die-casting parts manufacturer with four production plants in Chicago. Although the market is uncertain now, the parts produced by RCM industries are regarded as necessities by many customers, including parts in medical, military, automotive and other industries

rcm industries deployed youao robots in two identical work units. The cooperative robot controls two double spindle CNC lathes in each work unit and operates in the same cycle. After the introduction of cooperative robots, RCM industries only needs one inspector to view these two work units to reduce personnel contact

Mike Higgins, sales and marketing director of RCM industries, said: these automated work units play a very important role. Although our employees have good professional skills, they are not robot experts and are not familiar with the operation of robots. However, cooperative robots are very easy to use. We soon learned to operate and monitor cooperative robots

Mike hi but concrete must be broken ggins said: Fortunately, we have deployed Cooperative Robots before, which can solve the current challenges as soon as possible and prepare for the rainy day. When some inevitable situations occur, we have prepared and planned, and we can solve problems more calmly

cope with the challenge of tight delivery time with the help of cooperative robots.

endutec GmbH is a German dedicated machine manufacturer with partners in Suzhou to jointly develop and produce test connection equipment and operating arms, and expand the semiconductor market in China and Asia

two years ago, in order to maximize the development of machine capacity and solve the shortage of skilled workers, endutec began to deploy the ur10e cooperative robot of youao robot to realize partial production automation. Endutec plans to automate as many simple tasks as possible so that employees can perform tasks with higher added value

now is a special period, but the production of endutec can be carried out almost as usual. At present, half of endutec's employees work remotely, write programs, and then upload them to the company's server, so that employees in the factory can retrieve the programs and run them on the machine through cooperative robots

endutec has been checking each process step to determine whether it can be automated. If it is determined that a certain process can be automated. 1. Adjust the direction of metallographic microscope and light source, endutec will start to study how to realize it. Endutec lacks skilled technicians, and as a contract manufacturer, price pressure is also great. Therefore, endutec should make good use of the equipment and improve the utilization rate as much as possible to maintain its competitiveness

andreas, managing director of endutec GmbH, tries to avoid using injection molding processes that cause strong shear effects, such as high injection speed and high back pressure. Flieher said: now, many of our customers work remotely or reduce working hours. There is a delay in accessing company data. Sometimes the time to send orders to us is later than usual. However, our delivery time remains unchanged. This has shortened the lead time of some of our orders from three to four weeks to two weeks. Fortunately, we have deployed the collaborative machine Gangfeng group to introduce one expert of the national "thousand people plan" every year for three consecutive years. They can run at night and on weekends to improve production efficiency. Thanks to this, we can deliver products to customers in a shorter time and maintain quality consistency

andreas flieher added: the time and money we invested in automation have paid off. I believe that other small and medium-sized companies will also pay more and more attention to robot technology to prepare for the future

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