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Xiamen property market ushers in the peak period of house delivery. There are many benefits of decoration at the end of the year.

Xiamen property market ushers in the peak period of house delivery. There are many benefits of decoration at the end of the year

December 31, 2014

[China paint information] the end of the year is approaching, and the adoption of relevant technical facilities in Xiamen property market has also ushered in a wave of peak period of house delivery. For owners who have just got the key, the most important thing they care about is when and how to do decoration. At this time, the decoration will go through the New Year decoration

what are the benefits of New Year decoration and what decoration details should be paid attention to? Insiders suggested that the decoration should be done sooner rather than later, and the New Year decoration will bring many benefits to the owners

1. Recently, the second phase of Yuzhou central coast, located at the head of Xinglin bridge, was officially handed over. The four characters "welcome home" at the entrance of the community seemed particularly festive and warm. Home decoration enterprises and main material merchants from inside and outside the island were stationed on the site to provide decoration services for owners. The activity site attracted many owners to stop and pay attention, and some owners were invited to the site to understand the decoration matters

it is reported that Yuzhou central coast, AVIC City, Bali Xiangquan, Xinta Shuishang and other buildings will be delivered one after another in the near future. Together with the previous buildings such as Junyue mountain, Xinjing Huafu international and Crystal Lake County, these have injected new vitality into the home decoration market next year and will also become the focus of home building materials business services

"the stopping effect is good." At the gate of phase II of the central coast, Zhu Junjia, the general manager of "chengzhijia" decoration, who provides decoration services for newly delivered house owners, said that in view of the market situation at the end of the year, the company launched a new year's decoration preferential activity, which not only upgraded the materials of the new year's decoration model house, but also made the decoration price more affordable, bringing many benefits to the owners to be decorated

"the market needs to be constantly tossed. The main purpose of doing activities is to test all kinds of materials and store customers at the beginning of the spring." Huang Anmin, deputy general manager of decoration of "Dunhe architecture", who is also preparing for the New Year decoration activities, said that it is less than 50 days from the traditional Spring Festival, and there are still many things that can be done for owners who decide to decorate. However, in normal use, it is still necessary to ensure that the oil pipe cannot be damaged. The owner can finalize the scheme design before the year and start construction after the year

"when I get the key to my new house, I hope I can stay early." Mr. Chen, the owner, said that for the first time in Xiamen, he was usually busy with marketing business and rarely involved in the field of home decoration. He felt very good that he could learn about home decoration at the door of the community. However, for the choice of decoration companies, he said that he needed to shop around to ensure a certain displacement and loading rate, and find the most suitable one

2. Those who are familiar with the decoration and building materials industry know that at the end of the year, decoration enterprises are not only catching up with the progress of some construction sites under construction, but also storing tourists for the beginning of the next year. Many decoration companies and material chambers of Commerce reduced their profits and attracted owners to be installed by means of discounts and concessions

for owners who have just got the key or plan to decorate next year, cross year decoration is actually a good choice. First, many home decoration enterprises will offer cross year benefits of "ensuring no price rise" and "signing and delivering benefits" for the cross year. At the same time, they can take advantage of the relatively off-season gap to better communicate with designers; Second, after the decoration is determined, we can start with the categories with spot goods such as ceramic tiles, floors, electrical appliances, etc. in advance for the new year's activities of home shopping malls, because these products will clear the inventory at a discount. In this way, you can save a lot of money

Huang Jinfa, general manager of "general decoration", said that the New Year decoration is just a concept. In fact, the decoration focuses on quality and service. Because the market is changing, the annual decoration price will change, so the decoration should be done sooner rather than later, and the time should be ample, so that there will be no problems such as rush work and sudden price rise. The company adheres to the "total mode", and the total customers can also unconditionally enjoy 5% of the profits of nearly 40 businesses after the transaction price. This mode can be really enjoyed both in the new year and at ordinary times

"baijiaan decoration" Chairman linyulong said that the New Year decoration is the last affordable shuttle bus in that year, and generally home decoration companies will raise prices after the year. At the end of the year, although the labor cost of workers will be slightly expensive, large decoration companies have their own construction teams and implement a stable price strategy, so the labor cost will not be passed on to consumers

the New Year decoration can be divided into three stages: construction before the new year, suspension during the Spring Festival and resumption after the new year. As the decoration time span of the new year is relatively long, it is suggested that the owner choose a decoration company with good materials. Generally, brand companies with strength, good reputation and good service will be more professional in this regard. In addition, when choosing, the owner should carefully examine the company's background and construction strength, and observe whether the company's after-sales service can be in place

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