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Why is fake paint and fake paint so rampant in real cans

why is fake paint in real cans so rampant

April 9, 2013

[China paint information] with the warmer weather, most cities in northern China have entered the peak season of home decoration. Paint, as an indispensable material in the decoration process, has been questioned in recent years by "real can fake paint" and "large price gap of the same product". Among them, well-known brands with high market share are the most criticized by consumers

according to the industry analysis, this is closely related to the brand distributors' pursuit of volume rebate and the large circulation of channel products, resulting in the proliferation of fleeing goods in the channel

■ visit

price chaos the price difference of the same product is more than 100 yuan

recently, through a visit to the building materials commodity distribution centers in Beijing, Chifeng and other cities, it was found that the price of the same product in the coating monopoly store with a certain signboard is very different

even on the premise that the store size is basically the same and the operating costs are basically the same, in the same building materials market in Beijing, Dulux's 5L wall paint called bamboo charcoal 5 in 1 is in the opposite direction to the above conditioning screw. In two exclusive stores with the brand authorization certificate, one sells 420 yuan and the other sells 390 yuan. Nearly 10 other franchised stores without authorization certificates charge 310 yuan to 360 yuan

in this regard, Ms. Zhang, who has operated the brand store for more than 10 years, told that according to the manufacturer's regulations, only authorized stores can purchase goods from Dulux. In addition, Dulux has also strictly controlled them in terms of price. Similar to bamboo charcoal 5 in 1 wall paint, they can be up to 20 or 30 yuan higher than the purchase price

then, how did the price difference of more than 100 yuan happen? "Fake!" According to people familiar with the matter, the price difference of regular franchised stores is for competition, but the access is generally not large. The remaining ones with a price difference of more than 40 or 50 yuan, even if they are not fakes, are canned again with cheap paint of similar brands

the counterfeiter brazenly sent leaflets

as for where did the insider say the "real can of fake paint" come from, Some stores selling low-cost paint found such leaflets: "The latex paint used in this field is all the products of Shanghai famous paint factory. Its products are very similar to famous brands such as Nippon and Dulux in terms of smell, color, coverage, cleaning resistance and other functions, such as easy formation of SEI film, resulting in low efficiency of first charge and discharge... Among dozens of high, medium and low-grade products of Shanghai latex paint factory, they are of high quality and high imitation, and then to battery boxes, engine covers, trunk covers, front and rear door B-pillars of pure electric vehicles High imitation Nippon and Dulux emulsion paint with real effect, such as decorative board, aluminum alloy BIW, etc... among them, 5L small barrels and some large barrels are real barrels, real covers and real labels, and all high imitation trademarks are real labels, which can be queried. "

not only that, the leaflet also lists the price list. Comparing the prices of authentic products, it is found that the wholesale prices of all fake paints are 2-6 times lower than their market prices. For example, the wholesale price of a certain children's wall paint with a market price of 858 yuan is only 150 yuan here, and the wholesale price of Dulux bamboo charcoal 5 in 1 listed above is 140 yuan

according to the number on the leaflet, it is easy to get in touch with the person in charge of the other party. When asked about the product imitation technology, he made it clear: "we supply many paint stores, and the things are really made, which ordinary people can't see at all."

regular franchised stores are gradually transformed under pressure

"such a large profit space, even if they are sold together with genuine goods, the profit is also considerable!" Ms. Dong, who has been in the paint business for more than 20 years, said that it is normal to sell fake paint, but it can really drag down the sale of authentic products

in addition, because consumers lack the ability to distinguish the authenticity of paint, they often choose products with more affordable prices. "If we don't have an advantage in price, the sales volume will be poor. The industry environment in the past two years is not good, so we can only give up authorization and turn to the current non branded stores." The daughter of Ms. Dong, who originally inherited the Dulux franchise store left by her parents, told that operating an authorized franchise store would cost the manufacturer at least 100000 yuan for each purchase. Coupled with the high price, she could only operate a single brand, causing great business pressure

it is reported that at present, many paint brand stores in the market have been transformed, or simply operate "non certified" stores

■ the manufacturer responded that

it was revealed to the producers of fake goods that their anti-counterfeiting logo was purchased directly from the brand. They interviewed all relevant brands one by one

they said that the label supplier had signed a confidentiality agreement with them, and the real label could not be circulated to the market. "If someone says that there are real labels in circulation, it is because they don't know that our labels have many identification elements. Fake labels can never imitate all our details." The person in charge of a first-line paint brand told me

■ analysis:

the flooding of channel fleeing is the key.

as for the causes of the above market situation, industry analysis believes that it is mainly closely related to the flooding of channel fleeing

"the product lines and sales models of some well-known paint brands determine that they cannot avoid such problems." According to relevant sources, these paint products can be divided into channel products and monopoly products. Among them, channel products are aimed at consumers who pursue low prices, pay attention to rapid turnover and low profits, and mainly go through the channels of distributors; Specialty products stress functionality, such as bamboo charcoal paint, seaweed mud paint and other products. These products are expensive and are generally sold exclusively in flagship stores and specialty stores directly controlled by paint brands

due to the large circulation of channel products and the distributors' layer by layer distribution, price chaos is most likely to appear on the channel product line

"the stores in the distribution network are not controlled by some paint brands, and their goods come from various sources. Some best-selling products can't be obtained through formal channels, which objectively stimulates the counterfeiting and selling behavior of some retailers. In order to pursue volume rebate, some distributors will also try every means to ship goods to markets across the country, resulting in the widespread problem of fleeing goods in the channels, and the whole channel price system has thus become very chaotic." Insiders said

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