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Real estate has a great impact on the coating industry. Guangzhou coating exhibition is cold

real estate has a great impact on the coating industry. Guangzhou coating exhibition is cold

May 26, 2009

[China coating information] on May 20, the eighth Guangzhou International Coating Exhibition has just ended. As an indispensable part of the economic and trade activities of the coating industry, the situation of the exhibition usually heralds the trend of the industry, especially at the critical moment when China's economy goes cold and warms up, Many coating people hope to see the dawn of the strong rise of some industries after the arrival of new machines in the exhibition, but after the author's field investigation and communication with industry insiders, they are skeptical of the conclusion that the coating enterprises revealed by the current industry will enter the warm spring ahead of schedule

the upstream is still cold, and the downstream is talking about how to recover.

the real estate industry, as the upstream industry chain of coatings, is still in trouble. According to the China monetary policy implementation report recently released by the people's Bank of China, the growth rate of China's real estate development investment in the first quarter fell by more than 28 percentage points from the same period last year. In addition, in March this year, the decline in housing sales prices in 70 large and medium-sized cities across the country increased by 0.1 percentage points over February. This is the fourth consecutive month of decline, and the small "spring" in the real estate industry is just an occasional phenomenon. The shrinkage of the commercial real estate industry directly determines the development of the architectural coating industry. The masses are holding money to wait and see. At this time, it is enough for enterprises in the real estate market to dare to lean in the pull range of 100 Newtons. I can only admire their courage! What was shown at the exhibition site was that the booth of coating enterprises had reduced their expenses, and the magnificent scene of chinacoat Coating Exhibition last year was no longer seen. During the exhibition, enterprises generally responded that the number of buyers had decreased. According to statistics, after the three-day exhibition, each booth receives about 10 guest business cards on average every day, and enterprises with better results have 30 business cards a day. According to the organizer, there are two exhibition halls in this exhibition, which are divided into raw material and equipment area and coating area. At that time, there will be more than 500 representatives of exhibitors with an exhibition area of nearly 20000 square meters, but the absolute number of coating exhibitors is decreasing. The main reason is that due to the economic crisis, enterprises are more cautious in choosing exhibitions, resulting in a sharp reduction in exhibitors and visitors, It also proves that there is less possibility of rapid recovery of the coating industry at this stage

the market share is reduced, and the survival of coating enterprises is difficult.

for Guangdong coating enterprises, the upcoming Guangzhou Asian Games will be a great opportunity, but when the author communicated with the coating enterprises on the scene, most of the leaders of the coating enterprises sighed. Why did they sigh? Just because the paint industry can get too little share! It is understood that Guangzhou plans to invest 200billion in the construction of the Asian Games project. According to ideal statistics, the coating will be close to 10% of the construction project budget of the Asian Games, which means that the business opportunity of Guangzhou Asian Games coating will reach about 20billion yuan

however, from the current situation, the share of the coating industry is decreasing. According to a paint dealer at the scene, the author revealed that due to some current reasons, the Guangzhou municipal government will be cautious in the selection of paint. In some projects that have been carried out, ceramic tiles are even used to replace paint, which has also dealt a considerable blow to the paint market. Some paint enterprises that prepared to specifically face the Asian Games project in previous years are also facing difficulties. Therefore, they specially came to participate in the exhibition, hoping to find another way for the development of enterprises with the help of the marketing of the exhibition, but the cold atmosphere on the scene made them feel quite embarrassed

the prospect is bright and the road is difficult

although this exhibition has all kinds of adverse performance, we still get some positive feedback through the communication with exhibitors. Generally, enterprises are still quite optimistic about the prospect of the coating industry. Although the number of buyers in this exhibition decreased, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the national standards management committee approved the release of the new standard gb/t in June 2008 to speed up the upgrading of plastic granulator technology 16491-2008 "electronic universal testing machine", the exhibition was relatively deserted, but precisely because of the economic crisis, buyers who came to the exhibition had more sincere orders and less random inquiries, Enterprises generally respond that the quality of guests has improved, and they still have the desire to actively explore the market. A small number of enterprises at the exhibition have proposed to continue to participate in the exhibition in November or next year. They believe that the more difficult the time is, the more active they should remain and strive to explore new markets

during the exhibition, many coating enterprises used the on-site publicity platform built by the organizer to talk about the development and technology of their own enterprises, and used various means to publicize their own enterprises. And when it comes to a blessing in disguise, it's a blessing in disguise. Even if it loses its advantages in some projects, China's coating industry will still have great potential in the future development, in the country's 4trillion and subsequent project construction

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