The hottest real estate market in 2016 may push up

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The booming housing market in 2016 may push up the price of glass in 2017

2 the export share to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. Since 2016, the prices of upstream soda ash and coal have risen sharply, and the comprehensive cost of glass has increased from 900 yuan/ton in the first half of 2016 to 1100 yuan/ton now. The sharp rise in the price of heavy soda ash in the second half of 2016 is an important driver of the rising spot price of glass. Due to the Spring Festival stock of glass manufacturers, the price of heavy soda ash has been maintained at a high level. Secondly, the continuation of the capacity reduction policy has a far-reaching impact on commodity prices

on February 3, 2017, Xu Lejiang, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said a few days ago that the nonferrous metal industry should focus on capacity reduction in the next step. This news continues to confirm that, in addition to the traditional coal and steel industries, the scope of industries to reduce production capacity will continue to expand in 2017

in terms of demand, there is a quarterly delay in the sales area of general glass and real estate. Due to the booming housing market in 2016, this will support the glass demand in the first half of 2017. Rising costs, capacity reduction and demand support are likely to push up glass prices

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