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The real decline is difficult to form. The oil price is aimed at $90

in the past five trading days, the international crude oil price fell from $81.44 at the opening price on August 10 to $75.10 at the closing price on August 16, a decrease of 8%. In fact, calculated according to the closing price on August 16, the price has reached a new low since July 12 for the construction site noise limit and its measurement method GB 12523~24 ⑼ 0. However, as of 15:16 on August 17, the international oil price rose slightly to $75.44

in an interview on August 17, Dr. zhaoguoyu of Tianfu futures said that from the recent trend analysis, it is difficult for crude oil to form a real decline in the future, and it is likely to rise to $90 within the year

oil prices fell to the lowest level in the month

the United States released various economic data, including GDP, last week, but the performance made investors extremely pessimistic. In addition, the strong rebound of the dollar index and the weaker than expected economic data dragged down the financial market, and the consumer market also showed signs of "peak season". The whole international crude oil market is full of bad news

from the recent trend of international crude oil, in the five trading days from August 10 to August 16, the international crude oil price fell from $81.44 (opening price on August 10) to $75.10 (closing price on August 16). In other words, in just five trading days, the international crude oil price fell by $6.34, or nearly 8%. Moreover, the price of $75.10 has reached the lowest level in one month

however, if we look far ahead, the international crude oil as a whole has maintained an upward trend from the beginning of July this year until the next round of market exploration. On July 6, the international crude oil opened at $71.69, and at the close of August 4, the international crude oil price had soared to $82.47. Judging from the performance in the past month, volatility is still the main theme of the international crude oil price trend

in fact, crude oil inventory and consumption are also not optimistic. The report released by the U.S. Department of energy last week said that gasoline inventory increased for the seventh consecutive week, and the inventory of distillate oil, including heating oil and diesel oil, jumped to the highest level since the same period in 1983. The demand for refined oil also fell, and the weekly gasoline demand fell to a two-month low

90 US dollars will be a breakthrough

international crude oil, which is in a volatile market, has gone out of five consecutive negative days in the recent five trading days, once again triggering speculation that international crude oil continues to fall. So, judging from the recent trend, will the international crude oil really continue to decline in the future

On the 17th, Dr. zhaoguoyu of Tianfu futures was interviewed. He believed that although from the trend of international crude oil in the recent week, international crude oil entered a falling space after a strong rebound, it is still difficult for international crude oil in the future. The screw and traction line speed can be reflected by the corresponding instruments on the console to form a real decline. "There will be a strong support point near $75. If international crude oil does not fall below this point by a large margin, there is little possibility of further decline in the future."

Dr. Zhao Guoyu said that from the medium and long-term analysis, the international crude oil market will remain volatile on the whole. A strong rebound space will be formed between $70 and $80. During this period, the international crude oil will decline slightly, but it will still form a pull-up trend

"the recent emergencies have also had a certain impact on the international crude oil price. The major impact is the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. On the one hand, the oil spill may reduce the supply of crude oil in the market, on the other hand, the import and transportation of crude oil in the United States needs to pass through the Gulf of Mexico. The oil spill may reduce the supply of refined oil in the market, and the change of supply and demand will eventually promote the rise of crude oil prices." Dr. zhaoguoyu believes that in the short term, the international crude oil is still volatile, and on the whole, the international crude oil price will rise

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