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Pride! Every year, BASF invests 1.5 billion euros to increase the investment of Ludwig port base! Every year, BASF invested 1.5 billion euros to increase the investment in Ludwig port base. On May 9, 2020, the management of BASF signed a new construction site agreement. The standard photoelectric induction of the agreement is one of the more advanced technologies, entitled "grow together in the new BASF!", The Agreement applies to BASF's approximately 34000 employees at its Ludwigshafen base

as the second largest port on the Rhine River in Germany, Ludwigshafen is opposite Mannheim in Baden Wuerttemberg across the river, and is also famous for BASF, the largest chemical enterprise in Germany. The agreement plans to run for five and a half years (from June 1, 2020 to December 31, 2025), replacing the existing site agreement coating that expires at the end of 2020. It is worth mentioning that BASF will continue to give up forced layoffs during the agreement period, in sharp contrast to the enterprises that forced layoffs for survival and development during the COVID-19

in addition, the agreement also stipulates that the annual investment modernization and maintenance cost of Ludwigshafen base will be at least 1.5 billion euros by 2025

Michael Heinz, a member of BASF's board of directors and executive director of the project, said: "we are facing a series of major changes, such as the population explosion, the shortage of natural resources, and the intensification of the digitization process of science and technology. In order to ensure that BASF Ludwigshafen base maintains a stable position in these rapid changes, we need more flexible strategies. It can be installed on one mold "He added that the signing of the new site agreement, in a sense, supports the change of corporate culture. At the same time, the framework regulations on the agreement can provide conditions for employees to innovate. He is convinced that this agreement will help BASF's Ludwigshafen base maintain competitiveness and will not be affected by the general environment in the long term.

the new site agreement also represents the company's directors and management's understanding of BASF Ludwigshafen The commitment of the base: when dealing with key challenges, they are duty bound to shoulder them and become an example and pioneer of the whole team. Michael said that in order to succeed in the future competition, the following six strategies were agreed:

first, strengthen factory production safety and employee safety

second, advocate resource conservation and adhere to low emission production

third, accelerate the digitalization of production, management and business processes

IV. provide solutions for cargo transportation and traffic problems faced by employees

v. further strengthen the key position of Ludwigshafen as BASF research base

VI. continuously optimize the organizational structure and process, and build a more efficient and agile organizational unit

since the late 1990s, BASF Ludwigshafen base has achieved two key goals through more personalized sample discussion of site design: first, it has demonstrated the important position and good development trend of Ludwigshafen base through investment; The second is to develop a binding protection mechanism for employees. Michael said, "we will continue these two goals again in this agreement. Especially considering the current covid-19 crisis, the early conclusion of the site selection agreement is a strong positive signal for the resumption of work and production in the region."

Michael continued: "Ludwigshafen is an important experimental base for us in the future. Here I want to make it clear that environmental protection and economic growth are not contradictory issues. In Ludwigshafen base, we can develop new digital technologies and then promote them to the world. "He continued to add that staff skills and creativity are the most important points for BASF's success, and also the key to ensuring BASF's stable position in the world's chemical enterprises. It is also crucial for BASF's future development.

in order to ensure its attractiveness to employees, BASF not only uses a modern working mode, but also launched a series of advanced training courses for professional knowledge and skills for the future. Modern Working environment and learning the device of dynamometer are important requirements. Your training is designed to help employees prepare for future work. Finally, Michael also said that BASF will continue to put the training of internal employees above external recruitment

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