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Selection and transformation of technical equipment for polyester bottle packaging beer

to promote polyester bottle packaging beer and realize large-scale production, we must first have polyester bottle packaging production equipment suitable for polyester bottle filling and capping. As China's beer industry currently uses a large number of glass bottles to pack beer, the bottled production line currently operated by breweries is not directly applicable to the filling and capping of polyester bottle packaged beer

polyester bottle packaged beer, like glass bottle packaged beer, must follow a technical principle: that is, the internal quality loss of beer after packaging should be minimized. That is, strictly control the oxygen increase of the wine body to the minimum after filling and capping

1. Polyester bottle packaged beer is preferred to be filled with long tube valve:

according to the experimental data released by industry experts, under the same conditions, the oxygen increase of the short tube valve filling machine widely used in China is more than twice that of the long tube valve filling machine. From the analysis of the filling process, its mechanism is also inevitable. The filling valve of the short pipe (actually the exhaust pipe) the liquor is discharged along the inner wall of the packaging bottle from the outer edge of the exhaust pipe through the shunt umbrella. Therefore, the process makes the liquor liquid film fully contact with the CO2 in the bottle and the residual air mixed gas after vacuuming. Equivalent to the washing process, it is equivalent to absorbing the residual oxygen in the mixed gas in the bottle to the greatest extent, This is contrary to the original intention of requiring the minimum amount of oxygen increase in the filling process. The long tube filling valve is not the case. After the air in the packaging bottle is fully replaced by high-purity CO2, the liquor is discharged from the liquor pipe of the filling valve to the bottom of the bottle, and then the outlet of the long liquor pipe is flooded. After that, the whole filling process is carried out smoothly under the liquor level. The contact between the liquor and the CO2 in the bottle and the residual air is always limited to the liquid level within the circumference of the inner diameter of the bottle until it is full to the bottleneck, close the valve to stop filling, and then discharge the foam through foaming, Remove the bottleneck air. If so, the natural absorption of oxygen will be greatly reduced

the main reason why the glass bottle as the main packaging was frustrated in the promotion of the long tube valve filling machine in those years was that the shape of the glass bottle was generally nonstandard, the long tube was inserted into the bottle, and the lift of the bottle supporting cylinder was much longer than that of the short tube valve filling machine, resulting in the interference between the bottle mouth and the wine tube. Under the condition of high-speed rotation of the filling machine, the wine tube was seriously damaged and could not operate normally. Therefore, we have to choose the short pipe valve filling machine as the first choice, supplemented by the function of vacuumizing the packaging, so as to reduce the amount of filling oxygen. Now, the polyester bottle is blown by the mold, and the dimensional accuracy and the consistency of shape and position tolerance are greatly improved. It is completely possible to choose the long tube valve filling machine that can ensure a lower oxygen increase first

2. CO2 in polyester bottle is fully replaced

because empty polyester bottles generally cannot withstand high vacuum and negative pressure (excessive vacuum pumping will cause serious deformation of the bottle body and cannot operate normally in the filling machine). Therefore, the method of replacing the air in the tank with CO2 is adopted to reduce the amount of oxygen increase in the filling process, just like the air in the CO2 conversion tank implemented in the beer filling in the cans at present. The effect is positive. The amount of oxygen increase can generally be controlled below 0.1mg/1. Of course, the CO2 consumption is larger than the vacuum filling process, which is generally about 2 ~ 3 times

3. The weight of polyester bottle is very light (only 28 grams in 500ml bottle)

in the process of conveying, filling and capping, it can only be clamped and positioned by the bottleneck (rather than the positioning and conveying at the bottom of the glass bottle). Long distance empty bottle transfer is transported by air, with accurate positioning and high conveying efficiency

the technological process of filling polyester bottle packaged beer with long pipe valve is as follows:

bottle inlet lifting - CO2 filling at the outlet to replace the air in the bottle - continue to lift the bottle mouth sealing - continue to fill CO2, establish the pressure to equal pressure - open the valve filling (slow filling, fast filling, slow filling) once the filling is completed, open the valve - stand still - leave the outlet - bottle outlet - Foam exhaust - seal and screw the cap

. According to the above model selection, configure cgn48 polyester bottle beer punching, filling and screwing Trinity machine, with a production capacity of 5000 bottles/hour at 1600ml/bottle

cgyn48 glass plastic dual-purpose punching, grouting, pressing and screwing four in one machine

the above models are applicable to the aseptic filling of draft beer or fresh beer

<1. Configuration 20 The standard sieve and bottle washing machine is used to clean the monomer impurities left in the bottle after blow molding, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the packaging before filling wine

2. Add a special support for polyester bottle to realize the positioning of clamping bottleneck

3. Transform the whole filling process to control the cam lift curve

4. Configure capping machine and modify capping machine

: in view of the successful cooperation experience with Coca Cola and Pepsi in providing a special pet bottle production line equipped with a three in one punching, filling and screwing machine and a glass plastic dual-purpose line equipped with a four in one punching, filling, pressing and screwing machine. The type selection and transformation schemes for polyester bottle packaging beer introduced above are mature technologies, and there are no less than tens of successful cases in the beverage industry, which can be used for inspection and decision-making reference

. As the filling oxygen increase is the most important filling quality index, professional research centers can make the following qualitative conclusions for polyester bottle packaged beer:

<1. Long pipe valve is better than short pipe valve

2. The low cap (crown cap precision screw pair drive) is better than the high cap (plastic cap) (the oxygen increase in the capping process is higher than that in the filling process);

3. Polyester bottles are better than cans;

4. Large bottle packaging is better than small bottle packaging

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