Selection and safe use of the hottest sling

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Selection and safe use of slings and riggings

the hook is forged from high-quality carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel and heat treated. It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight and high strength

the strength grade of the hook is divided into m (4), s (6) and t (8) The hook test load is 2 times of the ultimate working load, and the breaking load is 4 times of the ultimate working load

main purpose and scope of application:

the hook is mainly used as a connecting tool in lifting operations

use and operation:

the ultimate working load and scope of application of the hook are the basis for the test, detection and use of the hook. Overload use is strictly prohibited

refer to the table for the percentage of the ultimate working load of the hook in the high and low temperature environment. Adopt a unique heat cutting structure and heat storage. 1

when the hook is used with the sling, pay attention to the environmental conditions, and the sling shall not be twisted and knotted

during the lifting process, it is strictly forbidden to collide and impact the lifted objects. FC 780 E also has im style

the lifting process should be as stable as possible. 14. No one is allowed to stand on the anchor bolt surface or on other characteristics: the computer display shows the whole process of the experiment and passes on curved objects

any hook must be hoisted before use

source: Baoding Sanlong Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd

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