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Selection and procurement of self-adhesive label materials

as a new force in the printing industry, self-adhesive label printing has become a more talked about topic in the industry in recent two years. In addition to the application, development, maturity and improvement of the printing process itself, the overall peripheral supply chain is also gradually enriched and improved. It can be said that the current industry competition is very fierce. With the shortening of the cycle of process technology maturity, it can be predicted that the future industry competition will be more intense. Based on the long-term development of printing enterprises, in order to obtain the strength of sustainable operation, mutually beneficial cooperation with suppliers is very important. For printing costs, how to choose a good supplier has become a topic that printing companies must face, because raw materials account for a considerable part of printing costs. As a part of the overall supply chain of the industry, printing companies must carefully examine the work of effectively cooperating with suppliers and obtaining products with the best cost performance. After all, underpricing competition is not the way for the long-term development of the industry, and win-win is the way for the benign development and expansion of the industry

this passage is summarized in engineering language. This paper analyzes the selection of self-adhesive label materials, terminal applications and suppliers, so that printing companies can obtain products with the best cost performance

I. about self-adhesive label materials

at present, there are many kinds of self-adhesive label materials, mainly from the different composition of the three components of self-adhesive, namely: surface material, pressure-sensitive adhesive (adhesive), substrate (commonly known as silicone oil coated detachable substrate), different surface materials, pressure-sensitive adhesive, substrate can be combined with many self-adhesive label materials

non professional users often only pay attention to the selection of surface materials, because they can directly show the design and visual effects. In fact, what is high-quality self-adhesive label material is the adhesive and substrate hidden under "face". After all, before the label products leave the factory, the quality of surface materials is easy to be checked layer by layer in prepress, printing and finished product inspection, so that users have less loss; However, adhesives are easily affected by labeling or use environment (temperature, humidity, etc.), and the characteristics of different pastes also have different choices for adhesives. Generally, the problem of adhesive will not be exposed until it is pasted, or after it is pasted for a period of time, or even quite a period of time, resulting in the greatest loss to users, and serious glue overflow will damage the printing equipment; Poor coating of low-grade substrate or silicone oil will also expose the use problems of cutting through, flying mark, non marking, paper jam and so on during die cutting, labeling and printing, which will also cause great losses to users

the main types and characteristics of pressure-sensitive adhesives in the market are as follows:

(1) solvent based adhesives: dissolved in solvents, economical, and more suitable for various use environments, but they are relatively toxic to human body. It has been banned in developed countries in Europe and the United States. At present, it is still widely used in wet paper towels, sanitary towels, daily chemical products and even food labels that come into direct contact with the human body in China

(2) emulsion adhesive: soluble in water, harmless to the environment, suitable for most operations

(3) hot melt adhesive: Prefabricated adhesive

(4) UV hot melt adhesive: a new technology, which can be cured by UV lamp

most medium and high-grade self-adhesive label materials use emulsion type and hot melt adhesive as pressure-sensitive adhesive. For printing enterprises, it is not easy to choose among many products. Because different adhesives have different advantages and disadvantages, and correspond to different surfaces and environments of pastes, it is the common interest of printing enterprises and suppliers to find the most commonly used products. Because a widely used product is relatively easy to produce and will have stable high quality, it also saves storage time and space for self-adhesive label material suppliers for printing enterprises

II. Surface materials of self-adhesive label materials

the surface materials used most for self-adhesive label materials are divided into paper and chemical film. Common surface materials and characteristics are as follows

(1) offset paper: also known as writing paper and molding paper, it can detect whether the properties of the rubber parts of the suspension system meet the design requirements. The action surface is uncoated matte paper, which is generally used for monochrome printing or printing. Bar code information labels can also be written directly

(2) coated paper: it is coated paper. The surface of the surface paper is coated with medium gloss paper, with high flatness. The table includes the early dial hydraulic universal testing machine and the electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal testing machine. The surface brightness is lower than that of the mirror coated paper. At present, it is used in the pharmaceutical industry and food industry under color printing, and it is also a good printing material for heat transfer bar code labels

(3) mirror coated paper: Super calendering treatment, high surface gloss, applied to product labels requiring bright color printing. Such industries as medicine and health products

(4) thermal paper: the common information labels used in supermarkets are also used in thermal printing information labels of large logistics companies

(5) heat transfer paper: self-adhesive label material specially developed for heat transfer printing. The surface of the face paper is treated with special coating, especially for small bar codes, which has excellent printing effect, so that when scanning the bar code of the product, it will not be unrecognizable due to the breakpoints and broken lines of the bar code. Moreover, the face paper is not easy to change color, and its durability is longer than that of coated paper

(6) laser printing paper for office use: offset paper is used as the material for laser printers, which is common in the market. However, due to the high temperature and high speed of the printer, the pressure-sensitive adhesive is easy to leak out under the action of high temperature, and it is easy to damage the printer. However, the non drying adhesive of special laser printing paper can solve this problem

some uncommon paper self-adhesive label surface materials such as fragile paper and aluminum foil are also used in food, health products, alcohol products, etc

(7) PE film: polyethylene film, with bright white, sub white, bright silver and transparent surface, which is soft and has the characteristics of water resistance, oil resistance and extrusion resistance. It should be widely used in daily chemical products, such as shampoo, shower gel and other products

(8) P P film: polypropylene film, with bright white, sub white, bright silver and transparent surface, which has the characteristics of water resistance, oil resistance and good stiffness. Super transparent p p self-adhesive label material, due to its high transparency, appears to have a label free visual effect when pasted on the transparent bottle body. It is also widely used in daily chemical products, cosmetics and other fields

(9) PET film: polyester film, which can be divided into surface treated and untreated. The surface has bright white, sub white, transparent and various kinds of metallized bright silver, sub silver and so on. Due to its high stiffness, it has the characteristics of water resistance, temperature resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance and so on. It is suitable for labeling materials of various electronic products and machinery on the plane

(10) PVC film: PVC film, with transparent, white and sub white surface, has the characteristics of water resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, etc., and is mainly used in chemical products. PVC film with shrinkage property can be used as battery shrinkage label material

III. adhesive of self-adhesive label materials

because the surface material is the printing carrier and has its own physical and chemical properties, it is not complicated to select the appropriate surface paper for different end products, but the selection of adhesive is not as easy as that of surface material

different adhesives are applicable to different objects and labeling requirements. If the label of glassware is required to be torn off within a certain time after pasting, the adhesive itself will not damage the glassware itself and there is adhesive residue. There are also stationery products and furniture products. The efficiency labels on air conditioners and refrigerators used in families also have such characteristics. But most of them do not need to be torn off after pasting. They are permanently pasted on the pasted object

the following factors should be considered when selecting adhesives

(1) the material of the pasted object: paper, plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, etc. (different surface tension)

(2) the shape of the pasted object: plane, curved surface, curved surface radian size, bottle diameter size, etc

(3) the state of the surface of the pasted object: flatness, roughness, cleanliness, humidity, etc

(4) labeling method: manual, self labeling, labeling speed and pressure, etc

(5) labeling environment: temperature and humidity at the time of labeling, whether the cleanliness and space of the labeling site can also be manually intervened, and whether there is dust in the analysis process

(6) storage environment: humidity, ultraviolet light, etc. of products after labeling and before labeling, self-adhesive label materials

in the labeling process, it is easy to ignore that the labeling personnel care about the chemical viscosity of the self-adhesive label material itself and despise the mechanical viscosity. In fact, under a certain labeling pressure, the use of suitable adhesives can make labeling safe. The special case is that the adhesives of the hot melt adhesive series are not suitable for sticking to PVC materials. Due to the chemical reaction between the chemical composition of the adhesive itself and the plasticizer composition of PVC itself, glue seepage occurs and the pasted surface is damaged

IV. selection of self-adhesive label material suppliers

due to the potential and space of the domestic market, multinational self-adhesive label material suppliers represented by UPM Lantai self-adhesive are full of confidence in the domestic market. In particular, UPM invested 10billion yuan to build a large-scale coated paper and uncoated paper production line in Changshu, and then UPM Lantai invested another 400million yuan in Changshu paper factory to build a world-class adhesive label material production base, which also reflects UPM Lantai's confidence in China's adhesive label market and the overall strength of its group

competition is an all-round competition of quality, service and brand, but it is ultimately a competition of strength. The selection of suppliers is mainly evaluated from the aspects of supply capacity, product quality and batch stability, price, service and R & D capacity, potential market mining ability and insight, and improving the speed of improvement. A stable supplier committed to long-term development is just like a printing company and end-user committed to development, always improving itself and making continuous efforts to improve the added value for customers. Provide printing enterprises with appropriate products that meet the application, relevant technical support, production process control suggestions and improvement plans

as global exchanges and trade become closer and closer, multinational enterprises will use global information and achieve information sharing. This is the incomparable advantage of domestic small and medium-sized self-adhesive label material suppliers. In a highly competitive field, this is also an essential condition for evaluating suppliers. Because suppliers with global vision can keep up with the pace of global development and innovation, and further optimize resources to enhance competitiveness. Therefore, among many suppliers, choosing a product with the best cost performance does not just depend on the product itself, but on the best product provided by the best supplier. For example, self-adhesive label printing enterprises with better printing equipment cannot give full play to the characteristics of their printing equipment if they choose a cheap but unstable product; Similarly, a low-quality or unsuitable product used in good printing equipment is just like a new cloth mended on an old garment, which also has no effect

since there is a certain lag period for self-adhesive label materials to be pasted on products, there is always a lag period from being pasted to being put on the shelf or in the hands of consumers

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